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Richard held on to his mind with difficulty. His senses were reeling. He felt dizzy. It was one of those numerous delightful nights which all young married people will remember later on in their life with nostalgia, one of those honeymoon-like nights when the bedroom atmosphere is charged sensuality and the husband wants to make love to his wife and not just have sex with her...

Alice Carlton sighed. Her soft blue eyes darkened with passion. They looked like twin thunderstorms to Richard. She turned on her side and held her lovely, rounded breasts for his kisses, her velvet-skinned bosom rising and falling with her heavy breathing, the pink porous cherries topping the white, creamy mounds offered provocatively to her husband's kisses. She too, was receptive to the special, vacation like mood of the night, and her eroticism rose even higher as she thought of all delightful moments they would enjoy since Dick's vacation began tomorrow...

Three weeks... they would have three full weeks to devote entirely to each other... well, maybe not entirely -- a cloud passed over Alice's lovely face as she remembered Richard's peculiar interest in the occult and primitive rites, interest which had been decisive in their chasing Haiti as the place where they would spend their vacation. Haiti, of all places!

Visions of morbid zombies and wild-eyed nation raced through her mind. However, Alice knew that she could hardly object to her husband's enthusiastic decision since voodoo precisely formed a very important part of the very course he was to teach next fall at the college, where he worked as assistant professor of anthropology.

The young woman tried to chase all unpleasant thoughts away and to concentrate on their present delightful occupation, making love. The erotic fires were again flowing through her body.

"Don't you like my breasts, darling?" she asked in a slightly strained voice.

"Do I?" Richard suited his action to the words he had to force from his lips. He kissed the little pink tips that hardened between his lips. He felt her hands exploring him as he gloried in her warm nudity.

He lay beside her for a second or two and just stared. She was beautiful. Perfect. Her beauty kind of stunned him once again. Her body was smooth and voluptuous, slenderly youthful and yet ripe for loving, like a child on the brink of maturity. Only Alice didn't have anything childish in her passion-ridden eyes.

He stroked the velvet flesh, running his hank down her thighs, crimping the little round buttocks, feeling the pulsing warmth of her throbbing pussy under the tangled mass of curly pubic hair, making her shiver and moan under his expert touch... and then, he kissed her, there on the wide conjugal bed with the sheets thrown back and pieces of their night clothing scattered about.

He might have kissed her a dozen ways, but he had chosen that one with his tongue, and spontaneously, she sucked it down into her mouth hungrily, probing and charging it with her own.

He didn't raise up to stare into her eyes this time. His cock was jumping, the blood racing hotly down its hardening length. Instead, he cupped her breast, caressing it tenderly as she began to squirm under him. Then, her own tongue shot up like a hot little wedge of fire into his mouth and he could taste the sweetness of her.

He dropped his hand to her slightly protruding little belly and stroked as her breath quickened in his mouth, then he let it trace down over the rise of her pubic mound to her thighs, her beautiful, luscious thighs...

Alice continued to suck his tongue, drawing its liquid into her throat as the fires went on building inside her. She felt his hand clutching at her naked breast.

She gasped aloud.

He squeezed while his tongue played in her mouth and she nibbled at it. Then, his thumb and forefinger found the nipple and rolled it tenderly between them, generating tiny shocks throughout her body.

"Oh, Alice, darling," he whispered into her mouth.

Richard took his wife's warm, shapely beauty in his arms and began to kiss her all over. Alice kept gasping and wriggling, but he persevered. He turned her on her belly and lay on top of her to run his tongue down the deep line of her spine, feeling each bony ridge lined perfectly the other. She shivered and groaned with glee. He opened her legs and nibbled at the soft flesh on the inside of her thigh. He touched her lightly with the tip of his tongue and thrilled as she giggled and pleaded for him to stop. Everything about her was absolutely beautiful, he thought.

Again and again, he was tempted to plunge himself into her blonde delight and enjoy the warm glory her body had to offer so tantalizingly, but he wanted to get the best out of her.

She was pliable and willing in his hands, refusing him nothing, turning over when he wanted her to. Once stroking her with his toes and putting her foot between his lips as he turned her back towards him and massaged her breasts, kissing the back of her neck and her ears, she nearly went crazy.

Richard was anticipating the beautiful highway of sexual bliss he was soon to possess. There was just nothing else like it at all.

He was breathless himself now. His heart was pumping. He pulled away and as he looked at Alice's cute little loins rotating sensuously, expectantly so near him, he again felt the savage urge to conquer her rising in his throbbing cock. He checked himself as his body moved forward compulsively and arrived between the warm, velvet clamps of her thighs.

Alice giggled and put her hand down. She had moistened her fingers and began to titillate him. She was not disappointed as she examined the thick cock throbbing in her hands and saw the lubricating fluid glistening at its purple tip. Tenderly, she stroked the foreskin down its full length and helped it return to cover the smooth gland of its head.

"Ooooahhh, darling!" Alice exclaimed.

Saliva dripped from his open mouth to mingle with her juices secreting from the delicious narrow split that started at the bottom of the smooth white belly and trailed down between the rounded creamy moons of her buttocks pressed tightly against the mattress.

"Darling, come," Alice said, taking his head in her two hands. She stuck out her little pointed tongue and let it slide over her mouth. "Dick, darling," she moaned, "do this to me... down there."

She felt his cock twitch against her hand. Slowly, he maneuvered himself down between her wide-spread legs. She gaped at him crouched between her legs through half-opened eyes. She could feel the flat palms of his sweating strong hands clasped against the tender softness of her inner thighs, holding them wide apart, and suddenly she wanted to widen them even further for him. Her secret treasure must now be open to him at his will. She watched excitedly as his head lowered slowly slowly... slowly!

"Aaaaaggghhh!" she jerked when his hot, moist lips closed over the soft mound at the base of her belly. The blur of his face disintegrated in her vision, evolving once more in the soft fleece as he planted wet, tingling kisses on the still snug aperture, his tongue slashing insanely at the quivering opening.

"Dick! Dick, Dick! My darling!" she called in a hoarse, strained voice.

He pushed his whole face into her crotch, letting all of her flowing juices wet his handsome features. His nose, eyes, and both his cheeks were wet with the sweet woman smelling fluid oozing from her delightful cunt. He felt as though he wanted to breathe her into him. He continued to move his face back and forth between her legs, parting her fleshy vaginal lips with each movement... his nose nudging her tiny, erect clitoris, making it stand up rigidly in the wetness of the warm cavern.

Alice moaned and called his name, pushing his face harder and harder into her waiting crevice. He began to lick her smoothly, then, with the flat of his tongue, feeling each tiny mound of her delicious cunt beneath his adoring tongue.

She could feel the swelling up within her... his tongue and mouth worked away at her and she could hear the obscene, exciting sounds of his panting and love making. Her own hands moved sensuously down over her throbbing breasts and slid slowly along her smooth, flat stomach, coming to rest on either side of his hips. Her fingers stroked softly for a moment at the flexing hollows of her inner thighs... then, slowly spread the fleshy, hair lined lips of the moist furrow apart, allowing his hungry mouth complete access to her wet, secret being.

She pressed her elbows to her ribs and her head bossed from side to side uncontrollably as his hot, searing tongue shot out, its soft flicking tip circling her quivering clitoris. She felt his lips suck drawing the warm folds of her soft cunt deep into the hot cavern of his mouth, while his tongue continued its maddening licking against the straining bud of her sex.

"Ooooahhh! Aaaaggghhhh! Darling," she groaned.

Alice groaned again and again... unashamedly from deep in her throat as the hot probing tip worked its way up and down the length of her narrow weft slit, starting at the lower belly and pressuring its way down over the elastic rimmed opening of her clasping vagina and into the crevice of her flexing buttocks, where it stopped momentarily to do a wet probing homage to the tight brown throbbing hole. Her hips ground wildly into the mattress, soft mewing animal sounds escaping from between her passion clenched teeth.

Richard Carlton worked frenziedly, feeling the soft wet pubic hair of his wife's cunt brushing tantalizingly against his cheeks. Oh, how he loved her! How he liked to see her squirming under his caressing tongue!

Now, her groans drove his tongue faster as it worked its way up and down her steaming hot crotch, and her hands were tangled in his thick mane of brown hair, guiding his face to the palpitating opening of her cunt. He ran his tongue into the soft rimmed flesh, flicking at it for a moment, then withdrawing it to tease around the ragged pink edges of the delicious hole.

She forced him, pressing his mouth directly over the tight little opening in her squirming crotch, and as his lips rounded and covered the elapsing viscous flesh, he thrust his tongue deep down into her vagina, raising a low guttural moan from Alice whose soft warm thighs closed convulsively around either side of his moving head.

He could feel the wet flesh slip moistly around his long, extended tongue as the walls of her invaded vagina opened and closed in a sucking motion of their own, attempting to pull his tongue deeper and deeper into it. Her heels pushed down against his back, pressing his body into the flesh trap of her open thighs until he could barely breathe, his nose smashed tightly against the tiny, hard clitoris above, breathing in the pungent odor of the lust juices now flowing abundantly from it. It was inciting his cock to a hardness he wouldn't be able to control much longer. He had to fuck her or he would soon explode all over the rumpled bed sheets.

Alice's body was lost in the ecstatic fire of the moment. Every muscle of her passionate body was tensed as she strained her hips upwards toward the maddening probe between her legs. Dick was magnificent! He was bringing such pleasure from her body!

Her love for him incited her further. Her ups drawn legs opened and closed around the tormenting head that was licking gluttonously at her flame-seared cunt. The cords of her neck stood out as she pulled with all her strength against the tangled hair of his head.

"Ooahhhh! Oooohhh! Aaaaaggghhg!" she wailed, splaying her legs wider and wider to give him greater access. "Go on! Don't stop!" she pleaded. "Don't stop now! Please, Dick, lick my cunt! Lick it good! Lick it!"

And then there came a rushing in her ears and she choked as the ceiling seemed to cave in on her and she screamed at the sweet, intolerable delight of it, wanting it to go on forever and ever, never to stop until her whole being was drained of all sensation.

She lay gasping and slowly recovering, Richard pulled his head away from her flooded loins. His face gleamed with her genital juices.

"Darling... Alice, darling, I want to cum inside you," he whispered hoarsely. "That's the way I want it!"

She, too, wanted to feel his rigid hot presence within her still palpitating vagina. She wanted him to fuck her, hard, deep, with those passionate lunges of his that seemed to bear down to her deepest, most sensitive being bringing out her hidden emotions and telling her with every cell of his manhood that he loved her.

She folded her trembling legs around his back as he slowly positioned himself between her waiting thighs, and putting her hand between his legs, guided his cock to the entrance of her throbbing vagina.

Richard moaned and began to push down on her, penetrating her with hungry contentment. Alice gasped and clutched at him with her arms. She was experienced and loving, admitting him freely, though offering enough resistance to increase their mutual pleasure. She reached down further and grabbed hold of his swaying, heavy testicles and gently began to massage them.

She lifted her hips off the mattress until she could feel his steel-like prick pushing against the moist lips of her vagina, prodding painstakingly at the tiny opening. The purplish head of his swollen penis gently parted her pubic hair and pushed through the tiny ring of her open, wet pussy.

"Mmmmm..." see whimpered, feeling her inside once again on fire with desire.

The thickness of his penis was filling her vagina and she could feel her damp vaginal walls close around the shaft with each increasing stroke. Once they were completely joined, she began to cover him with passionate kisses. She ran one hand down his back and pressed a delicate finger between his loins and laughed as he yelled at the delightful sensation.

Richard's spirits soared as he thought that Alice was really the best and she was his. His to enjoy and poses. He stayed his pistoning, invasion for a moment and felt her squeeze her vitals against him. She tongued one ear and then the other and bit at his hard, tiny nipples, gasping as she did so.

He was measuring the depths of her sensations by her action. When she clamped her limbs tight around his backside, he knew she was in the throes. Then she would relax and her pleasure would increase until she began turning her head from side to side.

It was all too perfect Richard knew he could not control the fire burning inside him for much longer, and so finally, when a passive wave of passion gripped him, he surrendered to his galloping senses with a spice of regret. Such mutual ecstasy was rare and could rarely be repeated.

"Oooohhhh... aaaagggghhhhh!" she gasped, as she felt the walls of her vagina contract and expand around the monstrous, delicious prick that was worming around salaciously inside her contrasting white belly.

He let her have it hard and good in one mighty thrust that appeared her to what seemed an incredible depth. Alice recoiled for a moment as if in pain and then bounced back to fight him with her womanhood. It was a beautiful sensation for Richard as her fiery flesh consumed him, and kneading and twisting, she took the cool liquid of his strength into herself.

The tightness in her loins was building to the breaking point and she knew that she was about to explode... about to cum!

"Oh yes... yes... I'm summing... I'm cumming!" she almost screamed, bucking her hips up against his pounding organ.

"I'm cumming... I'm cumming too, darling!" he groaned as the last of his spawns exploded deep inside her. He let go all his steaming sperm with a low rutting grunt as Alice moaned, wallowing in abandoned sensual delight, her eyes tightly closed, tiny white lights sparking all around the blackness in her head.

She sank back as the thrills of excitement ebbed from her loins, and she massaged his failing, drooping ponds with her quivering belly, rewarding his lips with gentle kisses.

Richard accepted the warm accolade.

"Don't go now, honey," Alice whispered. "I am still moving."

He could feel her twitching and stayed soaking his deflated cock in the lush warmth of her loving, until they both were still and exhausted.

For a while, time vanished for them both. They had found each other in wonderful contentment. Richard forgot his problems and Alice forgot hers as well, a problem she had not mentioned to Dick -- which happened to be a certain, disturbingly handsome "friend" called Roger Antrim.

But she couldn't allow anything to disturb her right now. After all, the so-much-longed-for vacations were only starting and Alice looked forward for the three coming weeks, which they were to spend in a warm, sensual, Caribbean island: Haiti Alice turned the lights off, leaving her husband to his tranquil sleep, and walked silently to the living room, bare feet loving the feel of the rug, her robe tied loosely at the waist. She sat down on the sofa and lighted a cigarette, feeling intensely the loneliness and silence of the night. As pale blue rings of smoke curled and uncurled in front of her vaguely staring eyes, the whole shameful incident between Roger Antrim and herself came back to leer mind, all too vivid to be ever forgotten...

After all, she had gone steady with Roger for a whole year, and certainly their petting had reached the point where one more little step would have destroyed her virginity. But thank God, she thought now with a certain relief, she had never gone all the way with him, even though they had come disastrously close, and on more than one occasion it had been all she could do to hold herself back.

She wondered whether Roger would remember that night when their wild, youthful desires had run amok and taken hold of their eager excited bodies. A wistful smile played on her full, pouting lips as she thought that probably he didn't for men forget these things so muck more easily than women. Certainly, the cynical, pretentious Roger Antrim couldn't have attached much importance to a "slightly" heated petting session with a pretty coed, could he? Even if afterwards this same Roger Antrim had looked quite spited at her refusing his advances to fall in lover and marry a young anthropology major called Richard Carlton... Dear Richard, handsome and intelligent, ham working too, but without the suave refinement Roger possessed...

She had never been much of a drinker and that night at the dance, she had gone beyond her usual one or two. After, when they had parked in the little clearing so familiar to their petting sessions Alice was almost drunk, and she knew it. But somehow she felt safe and secure, and the glow of the alcohol didn't seem to matter.

She had shivered as Roger brought his left hand up under the line of her breast, sagging just slightly, waiting to be lifted. She could feel his piercing gaze, and when she turned, she was met full on his lips. Roger began to gently massage her breast through the barrier of the blouse and bra, opening and closing his fingers in a kneading motion as his tongue searched her mouth. He thrust his tongue deeply in her mouth, and she began to suck on it in slow pulling movements, nibbling ever so gently on the tip of it, building the pressure in his loins until he began to press harder and harder against her, one leg jammed between hers.

She began to notice the jerking bulge of his penis becoming firmer with each painful throb. He was slowly grading the full length of it against her bare leg, pushing her mini-skirt up higher anal higher, until the full length of her soft thighs was exposed. He placed one hand on her knee, slowly advancing and retreating along her supple inner thigh. With each stroke, he came nearer to that gentle pubic mound, its soft sparse fringes flowering out around the elastic borders of her panties.

His mouth had left her lips and began to open and close on her breast, still protected by her blouse and bra. Even through the two layers of material, she could feel the throbbing of her nip pies as he pinched them tenderly between his teeth.

The tender playing of his tongue around her delicate buds had nearly driven her wild, and she'd barely noticed when his hand crept beneath her skirt and begun gentle caresses between her smooth white thighs.

"N-No, Roger, heavens no! We can't... you... you mustn't!" she had gasped, realizing the danger this time, fearing that in another minute they wouldn't be able to stop him.

And he had continued, his hands gently stroking her soft, vibrant flesh, traversing over the full length of her uncontrollably writhing body, from her breasts to her flat, now quivering stomach and downward to the nylon shielded softness of her golden pubic hair.

His hand had reached the thin strip of her briefs, and began to gingerly trace the edges, where they barely covered the line of her thigh. He had soothed her there, stroking slowly, tantalizingly, until with his thumb and forefinger, he began to ease under the elastic toward the inviting moist warmth of her vagina, inserting his middle finger into the virginal channel.

A tingling sensation she had never before experienced caused her to writhe about on the seat beneath his hand almost fitfully. She could hardly believe the deep gasping sounds of her own breathing and the heat from his aroused breath against her excited flesh.

"Oh, darling, no... no! No... not now," she rasped into his ear pleadingly.

He'd not stopped... She could feel his probing fingers as they came together beneath her briefs. He turned his hand over, palm inward, and began to massage the pubic mound, moving slowly down ward until his flattened palm reached her distended clitoris, grinding it and pulling it between his fingers.

With his other hand, he had freed her breast from the restraining bra, lifting it so that they popped out brazenly from underneath, straining forward, still covered by the filmy sheerness of her blouse. Hooking his fingers in the elastic waistband of her briefs, he had jerked them quickly over the softness of her round full buttocks and maneuvered them over one foot, then the other, as Alice shifted her body. And suddenly, she had felt the unfamiliar coolness as a blast of cold night air chilled her naked thighs.

Now, Roger could see the full white globes of her breasts exposed completely as he released the buttons on her blouse. Her firm soft breasts burst into the open air, their hard pink nipples standing fully erect as she looked down on their ripe loveliness. He brought his hand up the length of her body, rotating it slowly until he reached the fleshy softness of the firm rounded globes, rolling the hardened nipples between his fingers.

Pushing aside the remnants of her clothing, he clasped one tightly in his hand, lifting it up and then smashing it beneath his palm in a smooth revolving motion. Leaning over, his lips suddenly locked tightly on her nipple, stopping only to brush the tip from side to side in his mouth, pushing it around with his tongue.

Her entire body began to squirm then, pressing the naked wetness of her vagina against his leg, each undulation offering no release, but rather, driving her wilder as needles of fire coursed through her helpless body. She gave out a gasp and then another as he sucked harder and hater on the aching nipple, all the whole squeezing her other breast, the soft ridges of white flesh oozing up between his fingers.

Then his thrusting tongue began to explore the rest of her body, his lips nibbling the flesh beneath her breasts, down further toward the gentle mound of her bare stomach, pausing to lash out at her navel, causing her to twist and squirm from the tickling sensation, his left hand unfastening the clasp of her skirt that lay rolled around her hips. This too was pulled down the length of her legs, and her ripe young body lay before him completely naked, blonde hair spilling across her shoulders, stopping just short of the tips of her breasts.

His hand left her breast and moved dorm her body, rippling her soft flesh in tiny waves before his stroke. He massaged the area above her pubic mound, pressing deeply into the tender flesh. His searching fingers returned to the searing vagina, even hotter and wetter than before, probing at the very core of her sex, as she began to revolve her hips in a grinding motion, straining and arching her back against his hand. She gave out another gasp and squirmed harder and faker.

"Ooooohhhh," she moaned. "Don't... please... don't!" she pleaded knowing it was useless.

Her back was arched so high that only her shoulders and heels were touching the car seat. Her knees were wide apart as she ground the hand that was continuing to crush her inflamed clitoris, circling it and pulling it, shooting bursts of pleasure through her yearning body, licking her like lewd flames of suddenly raging desire.

Her head spun round and round in tortured confusion. What was happening to her!

Nothing seemed to matter to her except the delicious sensations that were wracking her body like the lashes of a whip. She jerked spasmodically with every grinding assault on her tight virginal cunt as his finger probed around and around in the smooth fleshy tunnel. She wanted him to stop, for it to be all over, but every fiber of her tormented body begged for more... more!

He had eased his left hand from around her shoulders, sliding it slowly down between their tightly pressed bodies. Alice had heard the whisper of his zipper, her heart skipping a beat as Roger fumbled and maneuvered to bring his fully erect cock into the open air. Then, suddenly she sensed the hot, fleshy pressure against her upper thigh.

His penis!

She could feel it stretched across her stomach now as she lay on her back, also the sticky wetness that seeped out as the hardened flesh-made contact with her bare akin.

Her body had actually recoiled from this first ever strange contact with a male organ, and had been ready to struggle when abruptly, his finger nestled between her legs had probed tenderly into the velvety wetness of her vagina, sending a galvanic current of immeasurable pleasure soaring through her whole being, leaving her momentarily powerless in the throes of the erotic entrancement.

Her temporary paralysis had led him to believe she was submitting, and before she realized it, he had taken her hand and placed it over his shaft, pressuring her fingers around the swollen member, his loins thrusting in long strikes, pushing the fully moistened length of the cock through her clenched hand, and pulling back until only the rubbery head, blood-filled and throbbing remained in her grasp.

Instantly, her mind became a melee of mixed emotions, and even as her brain attempted to dictate right over wrong, her fingers clenched tight against the hot, throbbing instrument, and she heard his expressive groan of delight mingled with her own labored breath.

This was the first time she had actually seen a male member. She remembered how its enormous size had utterly amazed her, her fingers hardly able to encircle it, and how, automatically, she had begun to stroke it, manipulating the thick outer skin back and forth... up an down the rigid stem of flesh.

He was thrusting his long, slender finger deep inside the passage of her womanhood, its tender, sensitive wall suddenly so wet from the passion fluid ardently seeping from its chaste, excited lips. It was expanding the tiny opening in the membrane that denoted her purity, and even though she had feared its tearing, destroying the proof of her virginity right then and there, it seemed she could do nothing about it. The wild intoxication he was filling her with was stropping her of all power to resist, and unconsciously, she had relaxed her inner thighs, allowing him greater access to her intimate being even as she had increased her own massaging of his penis.

She remembered how astonished she had been as with each gentle stroke, she could feel the massive shaft jerk and grow harder in her hand, when the very moment before its huge stiffness seemed impossible to surpass. How could any girl take that inside her! Surely it would split her apart, she had thought with a delightful shiver of fear and anticipation coursing through her.

She began to meet each thrust of his loins with a smooth motion of her own sliding hand down to the base of the long, thick penis, to where it disappeared in a bushy clump of dark pubic hair. She could feel the veins near the surface, mapping an intricate pattern as they pumped hot blood toward the pulsing, swollen head. She had reached a little further and stroked his testicles -- delicate little balls in their loose flesh pouch. They were feed to capacity with seething sperm, and she now understood the agonizing pressure welling up that Roger must have felt then and which threatened to spew forth in a torrent of hot liquid release.

In her fascination and enthrallment with the jerking organ, she had hardly realized he had rolled over on top of her until he was there, and almost too late, she had clamped her thighs tightly together, trapping the rock-hard cudgel between them.

He had gone half out of his mind endeavoring to direct and wedge it into the opening of her wet, palpitating vagina, and God knows, she had wanted it as bad as he... but something had helped her maintain her wits. She had striven with all of her efforts against him, her struggle causing her hand to tighten around his straining member, and he had no more than penetrated the hard, rubbery head at the entrance of her upturned crotch, its tip nuzzled between the tight moist lips of her quivering vulva when she sensed it beginning to lurch out of control.

It jerked spasmodically in her hand and Roger gasped as she felt a hot, thick stream of liquid spurt from his member and continue as if it would never end, until her soft, fleecy pubic hair was drenched with the warm, sticky sperm.

"No, Roger. You mustn't! No...!" she screamed, grabbing the stiffened cock mad pulling it away from her opening.

"Wait! Uuuungggghhh!" A low moan of relief massed Roger's lips, his penis trucking and rearing like a fire hose, spewing its sticky load in milky spurts out and onto her belly.

The inside of her thighs were saturated with it, and it dribbled down between her legs to drench the car seat beneath her naked buttocks. Alice had stared in horrified amazement as the rigid cock emptied itself on her bare skin, great streams of the hot liquid racing up from his testicles, the hardened rod convulsing like a wretching drunk, before drooping limply, emptied of its aching load.

Then, Roger had groaned a final release and draped himself over her in obvious exhaustion. He was mumbling what had sounded like apologies to her, as if he had somehow failed her, she thought, almost as if he had been unaware she had resisted, and although she had not told him then, it was that night and that incident that had made it clear to her that she did not love Roger Antrim... and a few days later, she had met Richard for the first time...

And now, she was to meet Roger Antrim again... she knew he would be there, in Port-Au-Prince, and what else could she do but try to make the best out of it?


As she had feared, they had not been for two days in Port-Au-Prince when Roger Antrim called on them at their hotel.

Her brain was whirling and her emotions were in turmoil as she nervously what Roger's attitude would be... But she need not have been so anxious, she now thought with intense relief as she got dressed for the evening -- an evening Antrim had promised to be full of excitement -- he had been he old confident, charming self, but nothing more... There was not a hint in his attitude towards her that would have allowed her to think that he even remembered the incident in the backseat of his car that night in the woods... Thank God, it was all the better for Richard was simply wild with enthusiasm when he had offered to take them to some "real show", something quite different from the disappointing tourist attractions they had seen up to now.

Roger arrived punctually and the long appreciative look he gave Alice filled her with understandable delight in her blooming womanhood. She fen confident and her spirits soared as she walked between the two men, each one of her tiny hands wrapped into a strong masculine arm. Roger was giving them highlights of the fascinating culture of the island that was one of its main charms. He told them about voodoo -- Richard listening intently -- and mentioned the child sacrifices that the Negroes from Dahomey used to have, and still held in secret for it was now forbidden.

The stories gave Alice goose pimples and made her cling closer to her former beau as he went on with his informative conversation, all of which Richard seemed to almost be swallowing, hanging on to every word his friend pronounced.

The night was cool and calm, and the moon shone big and blue in a dark sky.

"A perfect night for a ritual," Roger said in his low, rich voice, and as they rode along the white moon-swept streets, he told the young couple about their rendezvous. "We are going to see an obeah rite. Know what that is, Dick?"

Alice shook her head while her husband immediately began stating in a doctoral tone: "Well, darling, it's called by many names. Voodoo. Black magic. Over here it's called obeah. The name might be different, but it is essentially the same thing. Same rites. Same purpose. Everything... I feel quite excited at the prospect of seeing it... really, Roger, you don't know what this means for me..."

He seemed very excited indeed not his usual controlled self. "You know, I've read of many extraordinary things and this to which you are taking us, Roger, is the strangest of them all."

Alice remained silent as the car zoomed along. They left the roaring city behind. There was a more rural aspect to the passing landscape now and somehow, in spite of herself, she felt the same way as when watching those horror pictures of Count Dracula...

Then Roger stopped the car and helped Alice out. The darkness was intense. The moon had suddenly disappeared. The only light came from a window in the distance. A large white frame house loomed up in the darkness. The trio left the road and Roger directed his friends up a dirt path bordered by flowers whose heavy, penetrating aroma filled the night air.

For a few minutes, they followed the foot path. Only sounds of night-time reached them here. All signs of civilization were behind them, back in Port-Au-Prince. Alice felt as if she were stepping into a strange, unknown land with alien, forbidding customs. Now they were walking along a narrow defile and seemed to be climbing.

They came out suddenly on a broad ledge. Ahead of them a bright fire gave off a reddish, supernatural glow. As they approached the fire, Alice saw that there were many people, all coal black, sitting in a great circle around the fire. The whole scene gave her an eerie feeling and she threw a rapid glance in Richard's direction, noticing his unconcealed excitement.

Suspicious looks were directed towards the white intruders which immediately changed when they saw Roger Antrim. He seemed to be quite well known for immediately cushions were provided for the three of them to sit on comfortably. Alice was again placed between Roger and Richard and she preferred it this way. It made her feel more secure as the dreadful feeling of foreboding which had invaded her being at the sight of the unexpected scene lifted somewhat.

Finally, footsteps were heard approaching. A tall, gaunt, black woman of a statuesque beauty entered in the middle of the circle. She had enormous, hypnotic yellow eyes which made a striking contrast with her dark skin. She stared around slowly, allowing her eyes to rest on each person individually. When her eyes rested on Roger, Alice thought she saw a slight quiver of the muscles at the base of the woman's throat. Then the yellow, cat-like eyes were holding her own...

"Who is she?" Richard asked in a trembling voice.

"Salambo, a priestess of the voodoo rites," Roger answered in a low voice.

The black faces stared up at Salambo as she stood outlined, still as a statue in her long white gown. They stared impassively. No one moved. There was a lifeless quality about the group that sent chills along Alice's spine.

A drum began beating abruptly as if from deep within the very heart of the earth on which they were sitting. It beat slowly and softly, its monotonous rhythm filling their ears as with the intensified sound of their own heart-beat. Then the tempo increased and it grew in volume. The deep sound echoed through the thick bushes surrounding them.

A second drum joined the first at a higher pitch. Then another at still a higher pitch. All three drums now beat in unison as if played by one hand. The rhythm was electric.

Then they stopped as suddenly as they had begun. The abrupt quiet was louder than the beating of the drums had been.

Alice looked about her. Salambo had not moved. Now she walked to the fire and someone began a low chant in a strange language. The chant was taken up by more and more watchers until all were singing the guttural syllables in a low, hypnotic voice.

The chant too was ended abruptly. Salambo mouthed some phrases and the chanting began again. It is like a litany, Alice thought, and Salambo is the High Priestly.

A strong drink that tasted somewhat like rum was passed around and the spectators were taking turns inhaling deeply on a long thin pipe exhaling a sweet, pungent smelling smoke. Everyone seemed to be in a sort of catatonic state, not smiling, not frowning, just sitting there expressionless.

Alice noticed that Richard took his turn like the others, sipping some of the brown drink and taking a long drag on the pipe. Then, the gourd and pipe were passed to her and she hesitated, not knowing what to do.

"Try it," Roger told her in a low, persuasive tone.

"No... no... really," she said. "I don't care to."

"It will make the evening more pleasant if you do," he laughed reassuringly. "And we'd better not offend our hosts, so you may as well enjoy yourself... They're quite harmless!"

Alice was not so sure, but she hesitantly took a sip of the strong liquor. It wasn't too bad. Tasted even good, strong and warm as it went down her throat. She took the pipe and pretended to take a long drag, then handed it back to Roger.

"Come Alice," he urged her softly. "Take some more, don't be afraid..."

She couldn't fool him and even though she was afraid of the effects it could have, she took a small puff. The pungent smoke filled her lungs and she coughed. The taste was quite acrid and the thought she might get sick, but she didn't. Roger watched her closely, moving his cushion nearer to hers, his dark eyes taking in every move she made.

Salambo was swaying back and forth to the music, undulating her hips. Her loose white robe clung to her magnificent figure as she moved. She was fairly tall, with long, nervous legs, well rounded hips and a narrow waist. Her breasts appeared to be quite full and pear shaped and they jiggled slightly as she moved, revealing the fact that she was not wearing anything under the robe.

Her expressionless face wore a mask of defiance or tragedy while her hypnotic yellow eyes flashed an inner fire. Her hair was closely cropped around her head in an Afro style.

She walked around the circle of spectators, moving slowly, sensuously, like a strong, graceful feline, letting the men present admire the sleekness of her firm body. Her hips were swaying gently and the tie of her robe loosened slightly. The garment fell apart, revealing a few inches of her bare dark bosom, just enough so that the firm roundness of her flesh could be seen.

She stretched her arms outward as if she were invoking some deity and at the same time daring her robe to come apart. As she moved, her long, black-skinned legs were visible where her robe separated just below the waist.

Alice watched her, fascinated, and so did Richard, for she moved so gracefully, and so sensuously. Her hands moved to the tie on her robe and one could feel the tension in the group as she undid she string that was holding the garment together and let it slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor.

All the people present were breathing rapidly, enthralled by the movements of the priestess. Her hips were full-fleshed and solid, the bulge of her thighs was soft and cushiony. Her pelvis undulated forward and back, teasing, taunting, daring the men with the dark patch between her legs, posing with her legs apart so that all could look up between her naked thighs and view the velvety purple vaginal lips and the tiny slit of her open cunt.

Her nipples stood erect like blackberries on her heavy, firm breasts as they quivered to the rhythm of her dancing. Her buttocks trembled and she stood in one place for just a moment and let her body shake all over, the flames playing on the smooth dark flesh, making of Salambo a vision of supernatural beauty and power.

The voodoo priestess looked like a mirage, so beautiful and entrancing that it was difficult to believe that she was real. Her hands cupped her pear-shaped breasts and pushed them up, holding them proudly upward, letting all admire their fullness, their firmness, and she gave the audience several minutes to absorb this pose, letting all realize exactly what she was offering them.

Alice squirmed down against the cushion, feeling its rough edge push dress and panties into her crevice. She rubbed herself gently against it, working the corner of the cushion between the moistening lips of her vulva. Her body rocked on it rhythmically -- in concert with the writhing girl swaying in the eerie light of the fire. She could feel the well-known wetness spread between her thighs and she spread them slightly to gain greater contact with the cushion. The roughness brushed soothingly against her tiny, rising clitoris through the sheer panties she was wearing.

She looked guiltily out of the corner of her eye at Richard next to her to make sure he hadn't noticed; but he seemed so engrossed by the spectacle that he had paid no attention. Then she felt Roger's arm behind her, waiting. Without thought, she relaxed against it and made no protest when his hand came to rest heavily on her left throbbing breast.

The musky odor of Roger's cologne filled her nostrils, stimulating her further. It had a rich, suggestive odor that caused her to snuggle closer as the excitement of forbidden naughtiness rippled through her and she was careful not to break contact with the edge of the cushion pressed into the crevice between her fevered thighs.

Salambo reached inside the fork of a huge tree near by and brought out a wicker basked from which she removed a long, black snake that wiggled restlessly, undulating and writhing, weaving its head and body in nervous coils. At the sight of the snake, a ripple of excitement swept the onlookers.

Alice tensed in momentary shock and only Roger's firm grip on her now throbbing breasts kept her from running away from the clearing. She felt tiny throbs pulsing in the erect bud of her clitoris as she squirmed downward, the cushion edge forcing the set band of her panties deeper into the split of her crotch. She bit her lower lip tightly to hold back the forbidden sensations that were throbbing between her legs.

Salambo stood in the wild flicker of the fire and ran her hands over her hips and thighs, bending to caress her smooth, trim calves. The men gasped as she revealed the firm plumpness of her buttocks and the dark crevice with the tiny anal ring nestled there mysteriously. Eyes were popping out in the darkness, absorbing the erection of her nipples, the cleavage of her buttocks and the spot between her legs where each male wished that he could bury himself.

The priestess moved her legs out and around in a circular motion, uncaring of the black, hideous snake coiled around her throat, her vee catching the dancing flames of the fire as they played on her completely naked body.

Her face was contorted with an expression of lust and desire, almost of pain, as though she were being impaled by some invisible penis, her body moving faster and faster as though she were working up to an orgasm and the music of the drums grew louder and louder.

Roger's hand was now resting on Alice's thigh and she did nothing to stop him. She could feel his fingers tighten and loosen on her skin each time Salambo rocked her hips forward as though she were offering her treasure to every man sitting around the fire. It was impossible to watch and not want to touch her, press against her, take her, and it was obvious that all the men were just waiting for the first one to make a move. They rocked back and forth, pressing their legs together to control their erections that were rapidly becoming more and more obvious. But surely, no one would dare touch the priestess for Salambo seemed to be having intercourse with some powerful deity ruling over this superstitious people.

Alice felt that the drink and smoke had dulled her senses and yet at the same time intensified them. It didn't matter who the man was next to her, she found the situation sensually exciting, animalistic and she vitas enjoying it. She could feel a tightness growing in her loins, a desire that was becoming stronger and stronger, so she leaned back, supporting herself against Roger's shoulder.

He took this as an encouragement and his hand slipped even further up on her leg, reaching well beneath her skirt. She was enjoying the power she held over him now, she wanted him while he watched the other girl dance, and it was a strange, almost sadistic feeling of power that she was experiencing. She knew that the whole set-up was affecting her, but she had such a warm glow, such a sensual feeling that the only thing that mattered was that she was a woman and she wanted a man... any man.

Salambo undulated and writhed for several more minutes, then collapsed to the floor, her legs slightly apart, her breast jiggling each time her chest rose and fell with her heavy breathing.

A white rooster was handed to Salambo. A knife flashed in the wicked light of the fire. Salambo rose. There was a great arching motion of her black arm holding the knife. Then, the bird's head fell to the ground.

Salambo quickly held a gourd bowl under the still flapping and palpitating bird's neck and collected the creature's life blood as it streamed out. A choir of children's voices rose in a bizarre way.

The purity of the children's voices and the primitive sacrifice awed Alice who now realized that she was witnessing a voodoo sacrificial rite. Was this what Richard had wanted so much to see, she wondered vaguely. Her head was whirling. The fire was giving off a pungent fragrance.

Salambo was now drawing a circle on the ground in which she sprinkled a few drops from a vial she held. She sprinkled some of the liquid on the fire which blazed fiercely all of a sudden. The tempo of the drums increased to a deafening volume.

Salambo raised the bowl of rooster's blood to her head and drank from it, the morbid, red life fluid running in awesome streams along her neck. The watchers moaned in unison. Then they were still. Salambo dipped her fingers in the bowl and sprinkled a few drops of blood over the fire. Again the flames blazed in renewed fury.

The bowl of blood was passed around the circle for all to drink. This time the white onlookers were spared, to Alice's intense relief.

Roger's hand moved by force, kneading the softness of her belly under the thin material of her dress. Teasing at the light sprinkling of hair at the base of her abdomen, his fingers rotated against the mound of her crotch, unable to go lower because of her tightly pressed thighs. Alice pressed harder against the cushion, knowing that Roger would think she was trying to escape his fingers and not suspect that secretly she was pressing the edge into her own wet vaginal slit.

The flood between her thighs was wetting her dress now and she could feel the warm wetness on the soft cheeks of her buttocks as she pressed down harder to feed the pleasure building there. As Roger's fingers worked more firmly at her crotch, indecision rose again, but the pleasure rationalized away the danger. Roger could not -- without forcing her -- get where he aimed. With Richard so near, Alice didn't think he'd try. It felt wickedly good... only pleasure and no danger. It was heavenly...

Her eyes strayed back to the strange spectacle taking place in front of her unbelieving eyes.

The snake was hissing and twisting now as if in fury. Salambo seemed completely unconcerned by the hideous contortions of the animal. As she drew figures in the dirt by the fire, the people began weaving their bodies from side to side.

They repeated one word over and over again in unison.


A white goat was brought to Salambo. The young trembling animal stood quite still -- piteously bleating. Salambo removed the black serpent from around her shoulders and held if before the young goat. The snake's hideous head moved in all directions as its forked tongue flicked endlessly, its beady eyes unblinking.

Then it happened.

It happened so fast that Alice was not sure she had seen it.

The snake's head flashed towards the terrified goat and buried its head in the animal's throat for an endless moment. The goat stopped bleating. Its legs slowly folded under it and it sank to the ground, quivering piteously.

An exultant shout rose up from the people gathered around the fire. It was a deafening, ear-shattering roar. Alice was frozen with horror. The snake's venom had not been removed and it had been coiled about Salambo all the time!

Goose pimples broke out all over the young woman's white body. What was she doing at this barbaric rite? What strange rite was this that used living sacrifices to its Gods? Was she to be used as a sacrifice too! Wild thoughts raced through her feverous mind as she surrendered herself at the same time to the rolling sensations of pleasure coursing through her body, for now Roger had thrust his left hand between her buttocks and the cushion on which she was seated, and his fingers searched in the crevice of her ass.

A gush of shame washed through her at the sudden waves of indecent pleasure overcoming her desire to resist. A glance in Richard's direction told her that her husband was everything but interested in what she might be doing. The young professor was too entranced by the captivating spectacle taking place in front of his eyes.

Roger's hand became bolder as it sensed her tacit surrender to its probings. He hooked his middle finger to slide her dress up the backs of her thighs so that he could penetrate the moist softness underneath. She could feel already the light tickling sensation of the material sliding from between her thighs and the cushion.

Salambo was bending towards the snake and placing it once more about her. It clung to her dark, gleaming shoulders, its hateful head darting and body writhing. She looks like a prehistoric priestess, Alice thought, watching the woman. Salambo's hands rose above her head and came down with a snap as she began chanting in a queer, distorted voice that tended an even more eerie quality to the show.

The people swayed from side to side, as if answering her chant with one of their own. Alice shrank in terror. The chanting and drumming ceased abruptly. Salambo screamed. Her body twisted and gyrated as if possessed of ten thousand devils. Her face contorted into terrible grimaces. Every muscle and nerve seemed alive and in motion. She was taut from head to toe.

She grasped the snake from her shoulders and held it before the fire. It wiggled frantically. Then, holding the serpent at arm's length, she brought the hideously awful head with its unblinking yellow eyes towards her face and kissed it.

For one seemingly eternal moment, her warm lips clung to the cold mouth of the creature. Then she was spinning and twirling and stamping on the hard beaten ground while the drums beat a mad crescendo and the people chanted and stamped their feet in rhythm.

Salambo passed the snake back into the basket and tossed a handful of white powder into the flames. The fire died down, then flared brighter than before.

As Richard stared as if hypnotized, Salambo scooped up her white robe, held it high about her and walked into the fire and crossed it, her bare feet flattening on the red embers to stand unhurt on the other side of the flames.

"Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!" Richard repeated again and again, his eyes glued to the fascinating scene.

Salambo was putting more powder on the burning logs. The fire flared. The drum beats became more sensual. The people were all plunged in a semi-hypnotic state now.

Here and there, one of them would rise to his feet and move his body to and fro as if pulled by some invisible strings. A young woman jumped from her seat, clawing frenziedly at their clothing, ripping the garments away from her body. Her lush, voluptuous breasts were bared. They pouted and swayed as she danced in a trance.

The girl's eyes were glazed slits. It was too much for a young man sitting beside her. He got to his feet with a mighty lunge and clasped and clawed at the writhing girl. His fingers outspread and tense, slashed at her dark, gleaming body. His nails left bleeding streaks wherever they landed.

With a savage motion, his steely fingers closed over the girl's hard young breasts and in a wild motion, he brought her to him. His black huge cock stood rigidly in front of him, ready to spear her. Then they were weaving and threshing together. They fell to the earth locked in a savage, primitive embrace. And there, on the ground, their struggle synchronized and exploded in a pagan rite of lust.

Alice could feel her dress rising faster now. She lifted inadvertently as a fingernail scratched the softness of her thigh, as the dress slid upward more rapidly in response to Roger's hooking finger. Suddenly, she gasped aloud. There was no more dress. Roger's hand covered all of the wet band of her panties and was snaking under the elastic legband and worming into the moist walls of her soft pussy. She squirmed against it, holding her breath for fear some tell-tale sound might escape her lips. Her whole torso quivered until her impaled vagina became accustomed to the invading finger probing at the lubricated softness of its tender walls.

The young woman caught her breath and held it. Everywhere about her, couples were clutching and clawing and clinging to each other. Each one grasped a partner, male or female. Gyrating couples, twisting this way and turning that other, were busy in the act of love. The drums boomed and thundered. And coming from everywhere at once was Salambo's weird chanting, rising above the noise and confusion.

The scene took on an unreal quality for Alice. In spite of herself, she found she was drifting along the emotional tight rope with the rest of the people at the voodoo ceremony. She could feel her body tightening and tingling oddly as Roger fondled her more and more intimately. She could feel the moisture covering the palm of the hand beneath her buttocks as it ground imperceptibly into her crotch. Roger's fingers moved in circles inside her, expanding her tight little hole with each teasing rotation.

Alice was almost out of her mind now. She didn't think she could stand this maddening teasing of her genitals another moment. Her lips parted and her eyes glazed. She could feel her body trembling violently. She was ready to crawl the wall to quench the fire raging through her contracting vagina, and the long finger fucking into her cunt was just too much! She needed a mate!

A couple was gyrating in ecstasy at her feet. There was no shame here. Only uninhibited passion and the unbridled expression of animal lusts.

The drums were calling, telling her exciting things, moving her towards new horizons, wider dimensions. Her flesh shuddered deliciously under Roger's expert touch. She burrowed deeper against him, feeling the hard vigor of his body, the overpowering hunger tearing at her vitals.

But even in the midst of this maddening situation, Alice could hear the tell-tale noise of a zipper being ripped open, and without having to turn her eyes to the source of the screeching, metallic sound, she knew that Roger had opened his fly and had taken his steaming cock out of its confinement. A moment after, she felt the slow pumping motion made as he, with his free hand, glided the loosened flesh of his erected cock up and down its shaft.

The notion that Roger was now sharing her sexual pleasure by means of his masturbatory activity gave a sudden and unexpected booster to Alice's own excitement. She had to fight against the crazy impulse to reach over with her hard and grab Roger's blood-filled prick, and thus relieve him from his self-gratifying task, doing for him what he had been doing for her.

"Mmmmmhhhhh!" She couldn't help to utter a low, guttural sigh which emerged from deep within her chest. She closed her eyes and let her head fall slightly backwards, and all her mind-power concentrated in the strong sensations of electric pleasure she was getting from Roger's thorough frigging.

She allowed her thoughts to wander a bit and, naturally, in her foggy mind soon Roger's thick, long finger became a fast moving cock, disembodied and detached from its rightful place in the male body, but nevertheless wickedly alive within her quivering vagina.

Instinctively, Alice opened her thighs a bit more to allow more room for Roger's arm to reach easier within her legs and pursue his masturbatory maneuvers more successfully, and immediately she vaguely felt him moving slightly to accommodate his hand to a more comfortable position.

Roger's heavy breathing was now coming clearly to reach her senses, and it gave her a renewed surge of excitement which made her free flowing love-juices pour abundantly and trickle all over the man's hand, making a puddle and wetting the rolled-up material of her dress, tucked against her ass.

It came gradually, the spasmodic explosion of her wanton pleasure; building itself up bit by bit in a plateau of vibratory bliss within her belly, in an ever-increasing curve of desire and much-sought-after fulfillment. Then, it was finally triggered by a jerk of Roger's hand, followed by a series of violent, vibratory movements, all of which told Alice that her self-serving sex partner had then reached the peak of his own orgasmic gratification.

"Aaaaahhhh!" An involuntary moan was uttered from Alice's throat as she, too, attained the climatic end of her sexual thrill.

She remained still for a moment more. It was true that she had achieved an orgasm, but she soon realized that if it had, indeed, appeased her momentary sexual cravings, it certainly had no succeeded in killing her desires completely. Her body still claimed for more. It demanded a total unity with the man who had begun to excite her sex-starved body bringing her to this point of lustfulness.

She was certain that, soon, her already-weakened will could not come to her rescue and she will be asking, pleading with Roger if necessary, to put his cock inside her vagina and fuck as their bodies were biologically intended for in the first place.

Alice felt that a wave of compelling frustration was surging from deep within herself, urging her to seek a total fulfillment of her passion in an all-the-way intercourse with Roger.

But no! With the last spark of willpower she could muster, she tore herself away from the torturing finger, knowing that in a few more moments, she would herself become as helpless a victim of passion as the rest of the people writhing around her.

"Roger! Let's leave! Immediately!" she ordered, her voice firm to her own surprise. "Here, help me with Richard, will you?"

Richard was so completely drunk that they almost had to carry him all the way to the car waiting for them on the road.

Roger drove silently all the way back to the hotel and Alice didn't dare look in his direction even once. She was deeply ashamed of her weakness and lewd behavior.

She was grateful for Roger's unexpected attitude of gallantry and when he finished helping her put Richard into bed, she whispered to him, her eyes lowered: "Roger... please... let's not spoil it all! For Dick's sake, for mine, will you forget tonight's incident?"

Roger Antrim pressed her hand in his in a gesture of admiring respect. "Of course, Alice... of course..."

"Roger..." she whispered nervously. "I don't wish to be rude with you... but..."

"You're never rude with me, Alice..." he replied, politely.

"Please, Roger..." she hastened to say. "I think it will be better... for all of us... if you... if we don't see each other again!"

"Alice!" Roger exclaimed with a slightly offended gesture. "Don't be silly! I believe you're giving tonight's incident much more importance than what it really has!"

"The fact that it happened, Roger. It should have never happened, and we both know it!"

Alice took her hand nervously from Roger's hold.

"Perhaps now you will be able to understand my own sexual needs when you and I were going together... They were wonderful times, those... I have not been able to forget them..."

"You must, Roger," Alice hastened to reply. "We are both married now, and to different persons."

"Maybe now you may understand why I married Henrietta..." Roger said raucously. "I loved you, Alice, but I had no money nor any means to marry you. And I just couldn't wait in complete sexual abstinence while I made myself a position to marry you. Once a person knows what sex means one needs it badly. Sexual pleasure was known to me much before I met you, that's why I needed you sexually. But at that time you couldn't understand all this."

"Roger, please...!" Alice begged, pitifully.

"I believe that now you do understand it because you through your marriage you have known sex..." Roger continued, heatedly, paying no notice to a Alice's pleading words. "I couldn't marry, you at that time, nor could I pretend loyalty to you while I played the field with other girls more understanding to a guy's needs than what you were. The town where we both lived was too small to keep a secret, any secret, and you were bound to find out. It would have been worst for both of us. More for you than for me, I dare say. How would you have felt if everybody would have known that the man who pretend to love you was cheating you with any girl that who happened to pass by...?"

"That's why you decided to break with me?" Alice asked, in a voice that was but a sigh.

"That's why I decided to leave Stetson City altogether. I couldn't do it on my own, because I had no money to do anything. Then Henrietta came into the picture and I married her, although I knew very well at that time that I couldn't love any other woman but you. She was the only woman I could afford to marry. She didn't need a man who could be able to support her. She had a lot of money and she fell for me. So, that's why I did it!"

Whether he was being sincere, or acting a part for his own convenience, Alice never knew. She believed in his sincerity.


The blurring fog had gradually dissipated, and Alice found herself with Roger in a strange place where she had never been before... It was sort of a bar, but the table they both occupied was enclosed in between four walls...

She listened to him though his words didn't come quite clear to her ears, as though they were both submerged under water. But she knew he was telling her that he had not been happy with his wife for several years... She could have been prepared to hear all this, coming from him, every married man used it. What she was not prepared for was that he sounded so sincere, so honest, so lost...

"Women don't have the same needs as men," she quoted, convinced that she was right, because it was what she had been taught and therefore believed. "So, don't be too hard on her."

"You don't really believe that, do you?" he queried. "I wasn't making any unnatural demands on her, I just wanted her..." His voice was slurred and distant, but everything that he told her was hitting home base.

"I do understand," she lied, not knowing what else to say for fear she would sound like an idiot.

"I've ordered you something special for after dinner because you've been so patient and listened to me and just because you've been you," Roger said, softly.

"I really should go," Alice interjected not knowing really where she was, nor where must she go to.

"Just a few more minutes and I'll take you home, but you must try this drink first... it's an order!" he laughed slightly and grasped her hand where it lay in her lap.

His hand was warm and strong on hers and she could feel an urgency permeate through his body to hers, yet she didn't take her hand away. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, then her neck and she could feel a chill of excitement shiver her whole being. She knew that she shouldn't let him kiss her, but she felt so relaxed and he seemed so unhappy and she was powerless to help herself...

His affection made her feel that the old

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