Non-Consensual Pregnancy Sex - preg,milf,fuck erotic story

I am a blonde-haired 35 year old mom to be. I am 1,74m (5ft 7) tall and rather heavy with 78kg (172lbs) and have c-cup sized breasts. I am light skinned with dark blond hair.
At the time of this story I was 7 month pregnant with my fist child. My pregnancy was difficult and I spent a lot of time at home on the sofa not feeling well enough to move and a lot of pain in my legs.

It was one of those day, with my husband being on a business trip and me having difficulties with the dishwasher in our condo. I called the caretaker of our condo complex to help me getting the thing fixed. I didn’t really bother to dress up, as I was not feeling well. I was wearing a knee long house dress that opens at the front, cotton panties and a pair of slippers.

The caretaker finally came by, ringing the doorbell. I got up from the sofa with difficulty to open the door for him. It was a new guy whom I had not met before, but I did not really think about that.
Explaining the problem, I led him into the kitchen. We have an open plan kitchen merging into the living room. He looked at my very noticeable baby belly and seemed to realize the pain I was having. “Let me help you settle back onto the sofa”.
He led me to the sofa and helped me to settle down, lifting up my legs and removing my slippers.
“You need a leg massage. Is your husband not doing this for you?”
“My husband of gone for the week and anyway he is not really into this sort of thing”.
He looked me up and down, his gaze resting on my tummy. “You have quite a nice baby belly. Let me give you a massage then”. This got way to intimate and I began to feel uncomfortable, as he started to rub my naked feet slowly moving up my legs. He didn’t make any attempt to move beyond my knees, so I started to relax, feeling slightly naughty that I let a complete stranger massage me.
He continued to massage my lower legs, slowly draining the pain from them.

“You look very nice being pregnant like this. I like the size of your baby belly. I hope your husband knows what he is missing out on.”
“He does not really like touching me, since I have become pregnant. I suppose he does not like how I got bigger and heavier”. I was surprised at my honesty, but I felt that this guy was actually meaning what he said.
“I would touch you whenever I would have the chance”. While he said this he put his hands on my belly and started stroking it lightly. He didn’t stop and I felt that it got too much.
“Please stop. You should not be touching me like this. It is too intimate”.

He continued to touch me and looked me in the face. I saw that his eyes got hard and serious.
“I will stop when I decide to do so. You will be nice and quiet and will do as you are told. If you obey me I will not hurt you”. In this instant, I knew that he meant it. I would be raped in my own home because of my stupidity. Tears started to flow and I said in a hoarse whisper “Please do not do this. Please don’t rape me. I don’t want you to touch me”.
He now looked really angry, his eyes blazing. “Shush – what did I tell you? I am sure I told you to be quiet and obedient. I do not want to hurt you, but will do so if you do not follow what I say. Do you understand me? Answer!”
I was frightened and knew that I had no chance to get away from him in my state. I did not want him to hurt the baby or me. “Yes, I understand. Please don’t hurt me or my baby. I will do as you say”.
“Good girl. Now stop crying – I do not like blotchy faces”.

I tried to regain my composure, resigning to the fact that he was in control and would do what he wanted. I tried to hang on to the thought of his promise that he would not hurt me if I did what he wanted. I finally was able to stop crying and whipped my face clean off the tears. I settled back and waited on what he was planning to do next.

He continued to stroke my belly with both hands making appreciative noises. He extended the range of his moves down to my thighs. “Feels good – I like meaty legs on pregnant women. Let’s see if you look as good as it feels”. He started unbuttoning my dress from the bottom upwards, slowly exposing my thighs. He continued upwards exposing my panties and belly. At this point my dress fells open because of the curvature of my belly, my belly button poking up.
He continued opening the last three buttons, exposing my breasts. I had not put on a bra in the morning which I was now regretting. I felt embarrassed about my body, lying in front of him almost naked.
I did not really like my meaty legs. I was pretty meaty to start with, but the pregnancy caused my body to swell in many places, making me feel bloated and fat. My husband had not said anything but I am sure that he thinks that I am ugly being pregnant, as he had not touched me for quite some time.

For some time he just looked at me not doing anything else. “You are even more beautiful without the drees”. His hands moved back to my belly touching me softly. His touch sent shivers down my spine. He traced my stretch marks with his fingers. “You are bearing the marks of pregnancy. I am pretty sure that your body will be beautiful even post pregnancy”. For a while his fingers continued to explore every bit of my belly. With a shock I realized that I liked begin touched this way. I had not realized how much I had missed being touched tenderly.

“Your tits need some special care. Your nipples look nice and big already. Your baby will have a good time being breast fed by you”. His hands moved upwards to my breasts. I tensed up as he started to touch my breasts, not knowing what would happen or if he would hurt me.
He noticed my tension. ”Relax – I will be gentle if you don’t fight me”.

I tried to relax has his fingers traced the base of my breasts, slowly moving over my skin towards my nipples. My body responded and my nipples got bigger and erect. My nipples and my areolas had become much more pronounced in recent month. Sometimes my nipples secreted a yellowish liquid, which is some kind of pre-milk as my gynaecologist had told me.

He started to massage my breasts from base to top, pinching my nipples lightly. Over the next few minutes, his massage got more intense and it felt good receiving these kind of ministrations.
He had changed the style of his massage squeezing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. It was still gentle enough but got more intense as he continued to do it. I started to feel like being milked and suddenly got aware of moisture forming on the tips of my nipples. He was milking me, pushing the pre-milk out.
“Your tits are procuring colostrum. This is good. It means that you will have a good milk production. You need to get your tits milked regularly to keep the formation of colostrum going. Let’s have a taste”.

He came closer, bending over me. As he moved closer I could smell his sweaty odours and his unwashed hair. It was a musky smell and trigger fantasies in me of being dominated by an alpha male and being a slave. MY husband is quite the opposite of being dominant, so his treatment stirred up unfamiliar feelings and reactions.

He licked up the pre-milk from my nipples and started to suckle them. The feeling was very intense and I realized in horror that my body was reacting to this treatment. I started to become aroused and could feel a wet patch forming on my panties.
He sucked in my tits harder, alternating between my nipples. If this was how breast feeding would feel like it would not be too bad. The wet patch between my legs got bigger and I was praying that he would not notice what kind of effect he had on me.

“I think I emptied your tits pretty well. Let’s get you a bit more comfortable. I want you to lie down properly. Move to the side so I can slide out the sofa”. The seating area of the sofa could be extended to form a bed by pulling out the sower base. Kind of handy for guests or for being raped, I thought while I moved to the side for him to extend the sofa.
“Remove the dress and lie down whit your head to the back rest”.

I felt exposed lying in front of him almost fully naked. I knew that was not finished with me and it would only be a matter of time before I would be fully exposed. I had not fully moved up to the backrest, so my feet were dangling over the edge of the sofa bed.
He stood over me looking along my body and removed his care taker smock. He wore a short sleeved t-shirt underneath and I could see his very hairy arms.

“I want to see all of you. Let’s remove your panties”. He sat down next to my legs and grabbed the side of my panties. He pulled them down applying some force to get them down. I lifted my arse slightly to make it easier for him, closing my eyes to try and shut out the embarrassment. I could feel the air on my pubic mound and knew that he would now being able to see my pubic hair and my vagina.

He pulled my panties all the way down and removed them. “I can see that you like my treatment. Your panties are wet and smell quite nice”. I could hear him sniffing and felt embarrassed about my wetness and my dirty panties. I didn’t want this to happen to me, but knew that there was nothing I could do about it. I would have to endure whatever he wanted to do.
I resigned to it and decided that I might as well act to be the slut he was expecting me to be. I didn’t have to wait long for his next move.

He stepped to the end of the sofa between my feet and sat down, looking along my legs to me tummy.
“Move your belly along and come closer to me”. I pushed myself down along the sofa with him sitting between my lower legs. I tried to keep my thighs closed, but it got more difficult the further I moved along.
“Now open your legs and show me your pussy. Don’t be shy”.

I opened my legs, presenting him my most private area. This is how a real slut must feel like all the time I thought lying in front of him with my vagina exposed.
He put his arms underneath my knees and pulled me down further closer towards him. He put my feet on the edge of the sofa with my legs angled and pushed my knees apart. I could feel my skin stretching and my labia being pulled open.
“This is more like it. Relax your legs and let gravity do the work, opening you further”. His hands stayed on my knees for a moment and then moved along my thighs closer to my pubic area. His hands felt warm and dry on my skin, making my tummy tingle.

He squeezed my thighs lightly. “I like meaty legs” he repeated. His hands progressed slowly. I could feel him inspecting every stretchmark and cellulite on my legs. It felt like being examined by a doctor.
Finally, I could feel his fingers enter my pubic hair. I used to keep my pussy shaves, as my husband likes it this way, but with becoming pregnant, I stopped shaving and now have a long and thick pubic hair. I am dark blond but my pubic hair is more of a dirty blond or mousy colour.
His fingers glided over my pubic mound through my pubic hair. “Nice and long” he said pulling up my hair.

He pulled his hands back towards the inside of my thighs pushing them along towards my vagina, placing them next to my labia and slowly pulled them apart.
I still had my eyes shut, as I did not want to see what he was doing nor to have him seeing the embarrassment in my eyes. He was repositioning himself and I could feel him looking at me.
“Your pussy lips are nicely big and flappy. They form a nice opening to your love tunnel. I can see your arousal. You like to be examined like this?”
I knew what he wanted to hear “Yes, your touch is arousing me. I have never been examined like this. You can do whatever you want with me”. Now I was a slut for real.

“Good girl. Now let’s check you out some more”. He slowly pushed a finger into me.
“Your pussy feels good. You are quite wet. Let’s give you some good feeling”. He pulled out of me and pushed back in with two fingers. He push as far as his fingers would go and started to massage my clitoris with his thump while moving the fingers slowly in and out. The touch of my clit was like an electric shock. My body reacted to his touch and I became really wet. I started to push back on his fingers.

“Let me check if you taste as good as you smell”. He pushed himself forward and pulled his fingers out of me. I could feel his breath on my skin before his tongue slipped between my labia. He started to lick between my folds, drinking up my juices, before moving slowly up to my clit. He licked my clit and softly bit down on it. The feeling was so intense that I almost came on the spot. I could not help it and moaned loudly in pleasure.

I finally opened my eyes. I wanted to see him pleasuring me. He looked up and into my eyes. “You taste as good as you smell. It makes me hard knowing that your baby will push through your love channel to enter the world. But before that happens I will fuck you. Are you ready to receive me?”
“Yes, I am ready to be fucked by you”. I realized that I meant what I said.

He stood up and started to undress, kicking off his shoes and removing his t-shirt. I kept my legs open for him to see and looked at his hairy chest and beer belly while he dropped his trousers and shorts. He stepped out of them and stood erect in front of me. His dick was stiff, poking out of his pubes. He was hairy all over and looked like an ape.

He positioned himself between my legs and pushed his dick into me. He was filling me completely and I was moaning with pleasure.
He started to fuck me with long strokes sliding in and out of me. He repositioned my legs, pushing down on my knees so my feet were sticking up in the air, allowing him to penetrate me even deeper. He increased the speed, fucking me harder and faster, his balls slapping against my skin with every stroke. I could feel an orgasm approaching like an unstoppable freight train. I moaned loudly, pushing my hips up wanting him to get further into me.

He humped me relentlessly, slapping into me without mercy. I felt like being ravished by a wild maniac. He grabbed one of my tits and squeezed hard. The pain pushed me over the edge. And the orgasm washed over me. I screamed out of pain and ecstasy. I didn’t really know the difference anymore. The orgasm seemed to be lasting for ever and I could finally feel him getting even more frantic.
He push hard into me again and roared like a bull while the came and pumped his sperm into me.

He stayed in me relaxing. His sweat dropped on my belly. I had never been fucked this forcefully and had never orgasmed like this.
He finally pulled out of me, leaving me wide open. “Stay like this and don’t move”. He went to his bundled up clothes and took out a smart phone. The started taking pictures of me and my wide open sex with the creampie forming. I could feel his sperm starting to leak out of me, dropping onto the living room floor.

I didn’t bother to try and prevent him from taking pictures. I knew that he would be able to blackmail me with these pictures, but I did not care. I was a slut and would have sex with him again, whenever he would request it.

He dressed himself and looked at me again with a satisfied glance in his eyes. “I might be back later to fix your dishwasher. I suggest you go and clean-up yourself. I will check if you have cleaned-up properly” he said left, shutting the door behind him.

I will wait...
Non-Consensual Pregnancy Sex

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