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I was sitting in a rental on the Denver airport cell phone lot, waiting for my business partner to call so I could meet him at passenger pick-up. We had been awarded a large commercial job on a little historic town about eighteen miles outside of Denver and we had a dinner meeting in six hours to button up any last minute questions that the project owners may have. We also had a project overview presentation scheduled in their Denver office at ten in the morning, to brief the subcontractors.

I was looking over the incoming flights on the electronic display board, thinking about how much I really disliked Colorado. This state's building codes and regulations are systematically restrictive beyond common sense and there is always radical ecological agencies climbing all over construction projects worried about living organisms of no value and too small to see.

I guessed it was for those reasons that at first considered this project to be a "no bid." But I formed this company a little over two years ago and since we were doing quite well, I thought that the exposure we would receive from this high profile job might be good for the future growth, so bit the bullet.

When I saw on the board that his flight was on time and on the ground, I started the engine and thought to myself that I would much rather be working on a high-rise on a beach somewhere in south Florida.

Forty five minutes later, still no call and I got pissed thinking that they lost his bags. After thirty more minutes, my cell rings, it was him and I answer it, "What the hell dude, did they lose your luggage?"

He responded, "No, I'm in the hospital, I haven't even left yet. They think I had a mild heart attack, Tammy was at work and they wouldn't give me my phone, so I couldn't call anyone until now."

I asked, "Jesus! are you all right?"

He answered, "yah, but they want to hold me overnight for observation and they don't want me to fly for a couple of weeks" and before I could respond he said, "listen ... listen, Tammy is on a plane and she will be in Denver in about three hours, she has our presentation with her and she's damn good at things like that...Where are you now?"

Rattled and set back over all of this, I answered, "in the damn cell lot waiting on you!"

He said, "go get some lunch and I'll text you her flight number, I got to go, a mean nurse is giving me the evil eye about my phone" and he ended the call.

Tammy is my partner's wife and after the initial shock and panic of this latest disaster wore off, I remembered that I had heard somewhere that she was quite good at all of the technical crap involved with marketing and making detailed technical presentations like ours, because that is mainly what she does in her field.

Though I've only seen here a few times, I remembered that she was petite, about five one or two, very slender, athletic and I remember her being really cute. I thought that this could be a real plus for our company when she walks in and talks in front of those mature, hardened, crusty old construction type supervisors, foreman and crew chiefs. But I sure hoped that since this was Colorado, they wouldn't come off more like The Village People

After grabbing a quick sandwich, I was back on the cell lot and that electronic display showed that she would arrive early. An hour later when it indicated "at the gate," my phone rang and she said, "Peter, I have my bags and I'm headed for the passenger pick-up area now."

I said, "I'll be there in two minutes, I'll honk when I see you, I'm driving a black SUV."

When I recognized her, I tapped the horn and pulled over. I got out and helped her load her bags in next to mine and we put the laptop backpack between us and we were off.

I asked, "how's Darrold doing?"

She said, "he'll live, there's always something, their telling him now that it was just indigestion and anxiety, but they want to keep him another night for tests and to make sure. Have you been here in Colorado long?"

"A couple of hours before he called me. I flew in from another project that we have in New Mexico and I went to the cell phone lot right after I picked up this rental from the airport Avis." I answered and we drove to the motel.

The parking lots were literally pounded full of cars and I was already tired and a little pissed, so I pulled in at the main motel entrance and had a valet unload our bags. I handed him the keys and a twenty and told him "park it."

But, the real fun didn't start until I got to the service desk and found out that there was one of those "save the planet" echo conventions in town and the place was beyond full and it took us a while to fight our way to that desk.

The desk clerk, who spoke more Spanish than English, informed me that the motel made a screw up in our reservations and now only one room was available, and I lit him up!

After the twenty minutes of his nervous phone calling proved that there were no available rooms in over a fifty mile radios and ten minutes of a no win argument, I made him personally take our bags up to the room and let us in.

Tammy looked around at the tiny room with only one queen bed and in the bathroom door with the vanity sink directly outside of it and said, "wow, you boys really are frugal in your travel arrangements."

I said, "well, most of the time we only use our rooms for sleep. The rest of the time we're wining and dining and generating new business and we mostly end up at a bar where the client wants to stay until closing. I'll call down and have them send up a rollaway bed for me while you freshen up for our dinner meeting, that is, if you want to."

When she asked, "how much time do we have before we have to be there?"

I looked at my watch and answered, "with everything that's been happening up until know, less than two hours and with all of this convention traffic, I think we should probably leave in a half hour, what do you think?"

She said, "That'll work, I'll take my shower after we get back" and when she went into the bathroom, I made the call to my new buddy the desk clerk.

When she stepped back out ready to go, she looked in the vanity mirror to check her hair and saw in the reflection that I was still on the phone. When I hung up I sarcastically said, "well this just keeps getting better."

When she asked, "why, what's up?" I told her that there wasn't a spare rollaway to be had, anywhere.

Then I said, " but no worries, I'll grab a pillow, use the spread and sleep on the floor."

Tammy asked, "so you haven't read the independent hotel/motel health reports lately, you know the ones about the germs, bacteria and parasites found in the carpeting and the dried sperm found on the bedspreads in most major motels/hotels and other places of lodging ... have you?"

Surprised I asked, "you're serious right?"

She answered, "yes, and we can't have you down sick too, we'll have to make the best of it, after all we're two responsible adults ... right?"

I answered, "well I am" and we left for dinner.

The two project owners practically met us at the door as the four of us arrived about the same time. We were seated in a booth, sitting across from them with Tammy to the right of me on the inside of the seat by the wall.

After ordering appetizers, they brought up a concern about the cure times of my system after it was installed. When I told them that there was none and that the sub could start the pour directly behind my crews as they complete each install, they were impressed.

I told them that they could have the City Engineer load test whatever he deem necessary at the exact time that each install is completed. They looked pleased and the senior partner said, "that feature will save us even more valuable time."

Tammy took her cloth napkin from around her flatware and after she placed it in her lap, she put her left hand down between my legs and patted the inside of my right, thigh as her form of a private "way to go" gesture. Even though I knew that it was innocent and sporting, it made me feel a little uncomfortable but oddly enough in a promiscuous sort of way, but I put that out of my mind.

Dinner and the meeting both concluded in understanding and the owners were comfortable for us to proceed. After a couple of after dinner drinks we said our goodbyes, confirmed tomorrow's meeting and Tammy and I headed back to the motel.

As we stepped into our room, Tammy said, "boy I need a shower, do you mind if I go first?"

I replied, "no I insist" and she grabbed her carryon, slid open the closet and took out the little free garment bag, walked past the bathroom vanity into the shower/toilet room and shut the door.

Moments later, when I heard the door open, I glanced over and I saw her hand snake around it and I watched as she hung the drawstring of that now full bag over the outer doorknob.

As I sat in the corner chair staring at that little white bag, I knew that her dirty panties had to be in there with her other cloths. I knew also, that under these circumstances, she had to have been wearing them for at least ten hours or more and I wanted to hold the crotch of them under my nose.

After I heard the shower start, I waited to hear the glass door slide closed and when I did, that bag was in my hand, and as I spread it open I saw her panties were on the top, right inside the opening.

"A thong, I knew it had to be a thong," I thought and I grabbed it and quickly searched for the moist cream coated inseam. The second that I found it, I held it to my nose and I inhaled.

She was musty, she was musky, she was floral and her scent immediately made my dick hard. I rubber her moisture on my upper lip to save some of that sweet aroma for later, then like a dog, I ran the entire length of the narrow ribbon inseam against my nose as I sniffed out the spot that had to have been against her asshole.

After finding it, the warm moisture of my breath activated it and it became equally if not more arousing. The water stopped and I quickly snuck them into the bag and hung it back over the doorknob.

The moment the doorknob turned, I was back in the chair as if I had never made a move.

She cracked the door open, turned off the light and I heard her say though the small dark opening, "Peter, can you look away for a moment so I can use the vanity?"

I answered, "sure, no problem, go ahead." and I pretended to hold the New York Times up high as if me reading it in that position would block my view.

I watched as her tiny tan body stepped out in front of the mirror and I had a full unobstructed view of her profile, then the back of her, from the back of her wet hair down over a tiny hard looking, perfectly shaped ass, the backs of her firm thighs down to her muscular calves.

In the mirror I could see her small but well proportioned, perky little breasts and I thought to myself, wow at fifty four, she still has a hard body and is very hot.

My Heart pounded when she bent over at the waist to reach in her suitcase and I watched as she stepped into some soft, pink, cotton pajama bottoms and slipped on the matching top.

Then she said, "alright Peter, you can look now."

She pulled the spread off and threw to the floor and hopped on the foot of the bed directly in front of me. She crossed her legs Indian style and while combing out her short wet hair, she asked, "well, what did you think about dinner?"

Trying not to be too obvious while staring at her crotch, "Your hand on my leg," immediately came to mind, however I answered, "well, mine was good."

She said, "no silly, I meant the meeting.

I said, "it went great and I want to thank you for your help."

She said, "go get your shower, then you can pour us a drink."

I asked, "and what makes you think that I have a bottle?"

She said, "I've been married to Darrold for over twenty years, and from day one, Mr. Gossip could never keep a secret, he just can't help himself. He says you have at least one every night as your nightcap, kind of "tic," even when you guys come back straight from the bar."

Then she asked, "and you do have something to sleep in ... right?"

It hadn't even dawned on me until she asked me that and I answered, "no, not exactly, I guess that I didn't plan for you to be my roommate."

Tammy asked, "boxers?"

I answered, "briefs."

She said, "well go get your shower, slip your slacks back on, you can take them off after lights out and slip between the covers. I don't take up much room, I can keep a secret and no one will be the wiser."

It was everything that I could do to keep myself from masturbating in the shower, but at sixty two, though I knew it was a long shot and the slimmest of chances, I still wanted to be ready in the event of a miracle.

I stepped back out into the room with clean briefs under my slacks and pulled on a new wife beater. I opened the side pocket of my bag and pulled out my fifth of scotch.

Tammy said, "I saw an ice machine as we came in, two doors down. You hold the door so it won't lock me out and I'll run down and get us some."

I handed her the little cheap plastic motel ice bucket that every room keeps on hand and I checked out her firm tiny little butt, as she walked down the hall.

Two drinks and some pleasant conversation later, she turned off the lights and I slipped off my slacks. I laid them over the back of the chair and got between the sheets with her on my right, and oh my God in heaven, did she smell good.

Laying on my back, doing my best to get the thought of "fucking her brains out" off of my mind, I concentrated on tomorrow's presentation and just as I started to drift off to sleep I heard her ask in a soft quiet voice, "did you enjoy the smell of my panties?"

I guess, mortified is the operative word, followed by embarrassment and though I didn't want to, it took me a while to answer and all I could say was, "how did you know?"

She said, "I watched your eyes follow my hand as I hung the bag on the door. Then I started the water and put my hand on the inside knob and waited. When I felt the slightest movement, I knew that you were looking for them, besides I looped the drawstring once around the doorknob and you didn't."

I asked, "what would make you think that I would sniff them?"

She answered, "Peter, you're a man."

When I asked, "why did you wait until know to confront me?"

She answered, "I don't really know, I wasn't going to, but being so far away from home, in a motel bed with a man other than my husband, makes me feel naughty and now I'm a bit ... I guess."

I asked, "horny?"

She said, "I was about to say sexually aroused, physically excited or something like that, but I think that you summed it up quite well in one word."

Stalling now, in order for me to figure out where this was going I asked, "so then you can't sum it up in one word?"

And she answered, "hot, the thought of you sniffing my panties makes me ... well, hot!"

I said, "Tammy look, this is me ... and."

She rolled on her left side, put her right hand on my Jockey covered lump and said," Peter, take off that stupid old man shirt and slip out of these" and she patted it twice.

Two seconds later they were on the floor and as I helped her out of that soft smooth cotton, I found out that she was mistaken. Hot, hot didn't even come close. She was on fire!

Her breathing turned into quick shallow panting and her hands were trembling from an adrenalin rush. When I gently stoked and fondled her breasts, they actually swelled in my hands and as I took each nipple in my mouth, they became so rock hard that I thought I could cut glass with them.

With an open kiss I felt her right hand come up the inside of my leg and when it partially closed around the base of my throbbing shaft I felt the familiar twinge in my prostate pump precum out of the tip. I wasn't quite sure how she would react when she felt the amount that I uncontrollably produce.

I knew from experience that she was sizing me up and when my girth wouldn't allow her tiny hand to close all of the way around it, she slid it upward to check my length and eventually found the much larger head coated in the precum and she traced it around the end with her fingertip.

without breaking that kiss, she sucked my tongue in her mouth and from the vibrations of her soft muffled yummy sounds on it, I knew that she was pleased with the weight of what she held in her hand, but I also sensed her to have a bit of curious concern over the sheer length and size of me.

Suddenly she broke our kiss and to my surprise, she went down on me without prompting. As she skillfully swirled the side edge of her tongue around my throbbing head, my concerns about precum vanished for I knew from her content moans and the motion of her mouth, that she was enjoying both the flavor and the feeling of it on her tongue.

I couldn't help but think that our world would be a much, much better place if this skill was taught to all young ladies in their senior year of high school, as a graduational prerequisite.

All that would be required is a peeled banana and when they learn how to slice it into little wheels with their tongue, everyone applauds as the principal hands them their diploma, a simple and inexpensive education for girls.

I lifted her gently and in a quarter of a turn, it was sixty-nine heaven. She was extremely wet and over excited and I whispered, "slow down Tammy and enjoy this, we have all night."

I knew that I wanted it to last.

The fact that she was short made her a perfect fit between my mouth and cock and I put my nose in her anus as my tongue searched for her clit.

Her aroma and flavor was so hypnotic that I could have become lost in it and as my arousals increased with her mouth on my dick, my nose in her ass, my tongue in her pussy, I had to work to hold off, for I knew that I had to pace myself as well.

When my right middle finger slipped palm deep in the sweet nectar of her pussy, her inner temperature actually was hot, very hot and I knew she was getting even hotter from the way her vaginal wall started to form those firm rings around it.

When my lips found her clit, it was very pronounced and firm and though I couldn't see it in the darkness of the room, it felt to be the size and shape of a hazel nut still in the shell.

When I stated to nibble on it, she rolled off of me, brought her head back up to mine and while lying on her side, she whispered, "not yet Peter, I want to save that, Please not that yet."

I gently laid her back to mount her missionary and she instinctively spread her legs for me. When she brought them up to where her toes were touching the tops of my shoulders, cock in hand, I carefully located her opening and I slowly separated her lips to accept the head.

She gasped as I eased myself in and immediately those tight inner pussy rings uncontrollably closed around my cock. Before I was half way there, I felt her bear down hard and the gasp turned into one loud moan and she shuddered and started to cum.

With my own anxiety from this new situation practically out of control, I was doing my best to be gentle with her. I wanted her to adjust to my size without pain. I wanted to look into her eyes as I won her gratification for being taken by me.

I could tell from the tone in her voice that she was experiencing mild discomfort as she coaxed me on, "easy now, oh that's it Peter, right there, easy."

When I eased up to backed off, she stopped me saying, "no" and she started to direct, "that's it Peter, a little deeper now, give me a second, that's it, faster now" and when she started to undulate and grind her pelvis back against my massive tool, she panted, "Harder now, harder, I want to get as much I pulled back to half stroke and while gritting my teeth, I flexed and swelled the head of my cock as hard as I could several times and while clinching my ass cheeks I pushed against her and I pretended to cum.

The instant she felt that reaction, it triggered another orgasm and as she started to cum, I gently fondled breasts and stroked her tummy until it subsided.

Using her vaginal compressions as an attempt to hold me inside, she breathlessly whispered, "oh my God Peter, dear God, you are awesome, my God ... thank you!" But I pulled out.

I kissed her with tongue then quietly asked, "do you think you can you go again for me?"

Before I let her answer, I rolled her over and lifted her to her knees. I wanted to see her ass, I wanted to take her full doggy, I wanted her full submission now and I could tell that she was both surprised at these actions and amazed over the fact that I was still hard.

I said, "Tammy, get up on your hands and arch your back a little for me please" and she willingly complied. But each time that the head of my cock touched her little anal pucker, she would raise her ass just enough so that I could only access her vaginally.

I positioned myself for it and in one forward thrust, I pushed back into her pussy's creamy wetness and pumped her a little harder and faster this round and she started moan with pleasure.

When I put my hands on that sweet little ass and started pulling her onto me in an attempt to go even deeper, those pleasurable moans turned into grunts of desperation and I knew at that time, she was on the extreme edge of another orgasm and that she was reaching way down to achieve it.

So, I stopped and held myself there. When she started to make those little whiney whimpering sounds of protest because I had suddenly quit to intentionally leave her hanging like that, I pulled out.

I held each side of her waist to prevent her from raising up this time and I took a huge chance as I ever so slowly started to work my fat cock, still wet from her juices, inside her tight ass.

"Oh my dear God, no" she responded as I continued to advance even deeper, " Peter, please no, I have never!" She pleaded, I can't take ... your too!" Peter, I've never," she begged.

I wanted to ease up, I wanted to ease out, but the grip that her lower bowel had around my shaft, felt far to too remarkably satisfying for me to abandon.

I told her, "this is for me, you've had yours. Now relax your anal muscles and work with me! I'm already in and the hard part is over ... Tammy draw me in, act like you're trying to pinch one off!"

Then I repeated back to her, her own magical words, "I want to get as much of everything out of this as I can" and at the exact time that she heard that, she relaxed those tight muscles, retracted and in less than a second, I was balls deep in her sweet, sweet ass.

I took it slow at first and I was as gentle as I could be and as her first time anal pain sensations turned to pleasurable lust, she started to encourage me on.

"Just a little more Peter ... I think a little more, " she panted.

Sometime within my next two pumps, I caught a whiff of her bittersweet butt, much like the stainless scent on her panties and trying to avoid it, holding out as long as I could, I was no longer in control.

My balls drew up almost to the inside of my belly and as my cock throbbed, I came like a stallion deep inside her tight asshole.

As slow as humanly possible, I started my withdrawal. I could feel her tight anal rim cling to my fat shaft, then constrict into the ridge behind my large mushroomed head and it stretched back up over and around it before slowly closing down off of the tapered end at the tip.

Never having experienced a sensation like that before, she started to feel the deep rush of her first analy induce orgasm and I reached around her waist and rubbed her belly with my right hand and in between her legs, my left hand searched out and found and caressed her clit and when it was finally over, she collapsed face down on the bed.

Even knowing now that I still have the magic, I was more concerned than proud. I felt as if I may have taken things too far for her with the anal. I laid breathless on my right side and waited to accept her objections.

Then finally she turned her face toward me and as I braced for her disapproval, softly she said, "my hand to God, Peter ... wow ... I really never thought that could ever be possible."

Totally out of breath and about to pass out myself, I turned her over on her back again. I scooted down the bed, put one of her little feet on each of my shoulders, rolled her tiny ass up and back a little and face first, my mouth found her clit.

Mercilessly I assaulted it with my tongue, I sucked it in my mouth and started to aggressively nibble it with my lips and right as it plumped back up to that full hazel nut size, she announced, "oh my God Peter ... oh my God, this makes me go multiple" and I felt my face, and then the sheets become extremely wet from my awarded prize.

Moments later, together we scooted her out of the wet spot and I rolled over on my back and as my head found the pillow, I bent my right arm up over my head.

Tammy put her head on my right shoulder and hugged her right arm over my chest. Then she bent her right knee and put her thigh on my stomach. My left hand found the blanket and I pulled it over us.

After a moment of quiet, listening only to her soft breathing, still concerned, I said, "Tammy, I am sorry if I was too rough, I tried not to be, but you drove me over the edge."

She whispered directly in my ear so softly that I could barely hear, "Peter, you were wonderful."

The next morning I woke to find us in that very same position. I was stiff and a little soar and my right arm was asleep and tingling, so I put it behind Tammy, down her smooth little back and slid my hand in the crack of her ass. I thought to myself, "if I had to cut this arm off as a trade for last night, it would have been well worth it."

Finally she stirred, yawned and asked, "what time is it?"

I answered and asked, "six fifteen and we don't have to be there until ten and their office is practically across the street. Your PowerPoint is ready to go, right?"

She responded, "yes, we're ready, but I recently upgraded to PowToon, it's an animated presentational tool and they will find it far more interesting and a lot less boring than the PowerPoint they've probably had to sit through hundreds of times."

I asked, "what?"

"It's the latest business presentation software, not stuffy and boring like the other, they'll eat it up," she answered, then said, "You made me hungry, let's shower, get ready and see what they have here in the form of breakfast."

I said, "I think I will be able to find something to eat" and I pulled my right hand away from her ass, hugged that arm gently around her neck and chuckled as I smelled her bittersweet essence on my fingers."

She said, "Peter! ... You are so nasty! ... other than the nightcap and your obvious obsession with my ass, do you have any other tic that I need to know about?"

"Panties," I said, "I always keep the panties and I want those," and I pointed at the bag.

She grinned and with a half chuckle asked, "well what if I wasn't wearing panties.

I almost didn't respond to that, but she was fun and a good sport with everything so I replied, "my pharmacist Don came up with an alternative for that."

"I really don't want to know," she replied.

I felt her soft little right hand leave my chest and come to rest on the inside of my right thigh. She slowly brought it up over my mammoth ball sack and I felt it attempt to close around the base of my fat shaft again. I took an audible deep breath as she slowly stroked upward to gauge my length. When the larger head stopped her hand, she said, "the couple of times that I've seen you Peter, I could tell by the fit of your slacks that you carried quite an impressive package, but my God Peter I wasn't expecting anything like this, it is totally magnificent!"

Being a humble man, I felt my face flush a bit from a combination of embarrassment and pride, but I truthfully responded, "it's a Swiftt family curse."

She smiled and asked, "Handed down for generations from your father, grandfather and great grandfather I suppose?"

"Exactly." I answered.

During breakfast she looked at me and asked, "peter, you're in great shape, big broad shoulders, hard chiseled chest , huge toned muscular arms, and a cute butt supported by powerful looking legs ... did you ever consider losing that belly?"

I laughed and sarcastically answered, "well, I remember our honeymoon, but for the life of me, I have no recollection of our wedding!" We both laughed and that's how it was since I picked her up ... fun.

After our coffee my phone rang, it was Darrold, "how did the dinner meeting go, how did Tammy do for you and are you guys ready for today?" He asked.

"Well, hello to you too." I answered. I looked over at Tammy and I asked him, "how's it going there, are you doing alright, are you going to live, any updates?"

He responded, "they want me to take a stress test in the morning and if everything looks good I can go home, but they want me on three weeks of rest and then another test after that."

"Well, listen, you take it easy and I'll have Tammy call you when the meeting concludes." I told him.

He said, "no let me call you. They're being real buttholes over my cell phone here. Tell Tammy for me that I love her" and he hung up.

I looked at Tammy and said, "Darrold says that he ..."

She smiled and said, "I know, I heard, he's always been excitable and he talks really loud."

I said, "listen Tammy, Darrold has been my partner for over two years and my friend for over twenty and."

She said, "Peter look, I love Darrold and I appreciate the fact that you have always looked after him the way that you do. You have always taken good care of him, but we're here now and he's there and though it may sound cold, when we get back home everything will to go back to normal, just as if any of this had never happened. Home is home and away is away, besides, you and I are both adults and if we're ever fortunate enough to be in this out of town situation in the future, I would do it all over again, wouldn't you?."

I answered, "in a heartbeat Tammy, in a heartbeat."

Then I asked, "you travel much?"

She laughed out loud and answered, "if your fishing, you're my first, but between us, with you, I can only pray that it won't be my last. But it will never happen close to home."

Then she sipped her coffee and to justify our actions, she stated, "Darrold is a loving caring husband and very good to me, but you know him. He's far too hyper, his interests run in too many directions at once and he is always off on a different tangent. Though he will always be my husband, not to take anything away from him, sex seems to take second place to the rest, and when we do get together, he's full speed ahead there as well, moving on to the next act without completing the first."

Before I could react, she added, "look Peter, the sex last night with you was, ... well you were, let's say ... much, much more thorough and I'll leave it at that."

The meeting and presentation lasted just under three hours and Tammy did do a remarkable job. I was thrilled that some of the subcontractors present kind of overlapped as competitors on past projects and it was a huge ego boost to know that they couldn't touch us on price or our product's performance on any future job. In fact many of them will have to refer to us in the future.

We waited until we walked totally out of their sight line and ear shot before we expressed our celebratory cheering and gesturing. Then during our last fist bump, as if on cue, my cell rang and the caller ID indicated "Darrold."

"How did it go, how was the presentation, how did Tammy do?" Poured out of my phone and into my ear.

I responded, "dude, calm down before your heart explodes man ... we've got this! It's in the bag!"

He said, "now listen Peter listen, I've been running the numbers in my head and I know you want to keep our business down to a sole partnership general contracting firm without adding any employee direct reports. But with me being unable to travel for a while, I think that we should consider hiring Tammy to team up and accompany you on the next few projects ... what do you think?"

I answered, "that's OK by me but what about her career?"

He said, "please don't tell her I told you this, but she hates that job."

I said, " I'll have to ask her if she's interested and see what she says."

He asked, "well tell me this, has she been good for you?"

I answered, "more that you can ever imagine."

He said, "give her a hug and a kiss for me and take good care of her."

I said, "Darrold, it will be my pleasure."

He said, "good, then I'm glad that's done because I just received an email from that Lido Beach Holiday Inn consortium at Saint Armand's Circle in Sarasota Florida. Remember? It's for that quote that you put together some weeks ago."

"We were awarded that seawall bid and you and Tammy need to be there in two days to firm up the contract. With city presentations, zoning and permitting, it should take the two of you about a week on the ground there to finalize."

"Got to go, Nazi Nurse is on her way in to confiscate my cell again, tell Tammy I'll call her tonight." I'll forward this email to you from my smart phone after I hang up" and he ended the call.of everything out of this as I can" and when I finally bottomed out, she let out the deepest huff, then I felt her fluids release, as they flooded and spilled out from around me.
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Milf porn stories : Banging Ms. Darlene

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Dirty sex stories, fantasies, erotic stories, and porn tales. Adults only!
These stories contain all sorts of sexual perversions, fetishes and extreme sex, ws, scat, best, oral, anal, older/younger, exhib, S/m, BDSM, etc. If any of this bothers you or you do not agree with it, please do not read the erotic stories. No people were harmed in the making of these stories, as they are completely fictional.
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