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Suitably inspired by a story down the board - a year or so back I was in Europe, Prague specifically, when Milenka (a semi-regular lover there) suggested visiting Budapest, knowing I had not been there.
Subsequently we were booked on an overnight train within a few days, sleeper cabins both ways, shared berth on the way over and private on the way back.

A midnight departure saw us at Hlavni Nadrazi, platform, train, carriage and cabin located and the meeting of our two travelling companions for the night, two Brazilian girls doing the Euro-rail thing. I'd love to tell you how the trip turned into a sexual free-for-all but that was not the case. Sure, one of them was hot, but the other not ... and Milenka is not into women, so no go there.

An 8:00 arrival in Budapest meant several hours to kill before being able to check in at our hotel in Buda so we soaked up the atmosphere of this beautiful city as it arose from its slumbers. Popping by our hotel we discovered the staff were quite happy for us to leave our overnight bags there until 2:00 and the next few hours were spent exploring Castle Hill, St Mathias and the local cafe's.

Check in meant a hot shower and some mutual play, where Milenka had her first orgasm of the trip, clinging to my shoulders as I massaged her clit. That led us to the bed where Milenka adopted 'the position', laying out across the bed, toned athletic legs spread wide, hot tight butt in my sights as I stood next to the bed and fed her throat my cock.

Having missed out on her usual 5:00AM cocksucking Milenka was very hungry and it wasn't too long before her arse was clenching tightly as she squeezed her cunt, pushing her mound into the bed and having the first of several orgasms.

You have to like a woman whose idea of getting her pussy ready for your cock, is wrapping her mouth around it first!

Maybe twenty minutes of using her mouth and throat like this (I did turn her over and hang her head over the bed to get all of my nicely thick average cock down her throat) meant we were both nicely warmed up to give her a proper fucking. Back onto her knees, forehead resting on the bed, and I gave her the fucking her aching cunt needed. Fellow guests walking past the open ground-floor window slowed me down briefly, but with not one glancing our way at all I soon resumed the heavy pounding Milenka's pussy adores and in due course I fairly exploded in that luscious, steamy velvet pussy.

Weather was delightful out so, playing on Milenka's slightly submissive tendencies my instructions were for short summer dress and no underwear. That led to constant reminders for Milenka throughout the afternoon as my cream slowly dripped out of her throughout the afternoon, made more tantalising as I instructed her to squat to take some tourist snaps, and then spread her legs. Getting angles and siting exactly right was a bit of a challenge with a festival of some sort in full swing in the Castle grounds but I got a great up-skirt shot that 'suggested' she was totally bare ... and which I think is whole lot sexier than a blatant snatch shot.

After many hours of walking around the city centre, taking in a recital at St Stephen's and doing the usual touristy things along the Danube we decided upon dinner back up on Buda and caught the funicular railway back up the hill. Alone in the carriage that gave Milenka an opportunity to get her mouth around my cock again and for me to run my fingers through her now, sticky inner thighs. (I am a heavy cummer).

Post dinner sex was relaxing, Milenka enjoying a leisurely sucking of my cock before mounting me and riding to a couple of intense climaxes. I didn't cum as I was actually dog tired from not sleeping well on the train but promised my lover she would get some protein in the morning. And duly, as is our thing at 5AM, I pushed her head under the covers to suck on my very swollen cock, which in turn led to her getting a good fucking before breakfast and the dose of cream she was hungry for.

I slipped my cock into her after breakfast as well, but ... well that was just because she bent over and, I could! :-)

The days plans included heading out to one of Budapest's famous bath houses and we ended up at possibly the most best known, Szechenyi. Lots of flesh on show there, not all of it desirable, but after several hours of enjoying the various spa baths we decided to hit the road and take in Hero Square et al as we made our way back to the city centre.

The changerooms are old fashioned. They comprise essentially, a row of wooden cubicles large enough for 2-3 people, with an wooden door on one side opening to the exit/entrance, and a door immediately opposite opening to the locker rooms. Both doors open inwards and they are locked by turning down the leading edge of the wooden bench, which is hinged, and blocks the doors. Elegant design. Both doors lock simultaneously and no one can exit either door and 'forget' to unlock the other side causing inconvenience to others.

We are at this point naked and fishing around for clothes when I hear a moan. Not just a moan, but that long drawn out ohhhhhhhh of pleasure. I 'ssshhhhhh' Milenka and beckon next door ... where it is soon quietly revealed that some young American lass is getting fucked. The quiet moans soon become an increasingly urgent whispered "fuck me, fuck me!!" and the rhythmic slapping of pelvis against firm butt cheeks gets quicker and louder.

Naturally enough, playing voyeur has an effect on both Milenka and I, my cock hardening by the minute and my lover being the cum-slut she is, was on her knees in a flash sucking me in time to the beat of the decent fucking the lad next door was giving his American girlfriend.

Her exclamation of "fuck, I'm coming, give it to me, harder, harder, ohh FUCK" was enough to have my 58 yo cock exploding down the throat of my lover kneeling before me.

Which pleased all of us all round really. Milenka was very happy, I was happy, and it was just the suppressed grunts of the young man next door trying not to let all of north Budapest know he was cumming in some hot young snatch that may have tarnished it in any respect.

But I doubt that. So, whoever you were ... thank YOU!!

Postscript came minutes later when bff of girl getting the fucking came into the exit hall as I was standing there and called out "Caroline, have you finished yet?" and I replied "nearly".

I know the attention span gets a bit short here so I'll break for people to put the kettle on before wrapping up :-)

Our train departed Keleti at 8PM so, armed with wine, plastic glasses, cheeses and pate we found our private two-person sleeper and settled in. First discovery, listening to the not very loud conversation from the Japanese couple next door was that the walls on one side were THIN!

We drank, ate, chatted about Budapest, our day, handed over our passports at some point and then I layed back and enjoyed the oral attentions of Milenka's very talented mouth. In case, anyone is wondering, I am totally addicted to eating pussy and I was doing my fair share of devotions at the altar. Sleeper cabins being what they are, a few positions were off limits but after a lengthy 69-ing Milenka mounted up and rode my cock to a few orgasms, before we stood up and I fucked her from behind in what is our favorite position.

It is, hunger for sucking my cock aside, the best thing about fucking this woman. We are exactly the right height from heel to hip and when she bends over, her small, tight arse reveals her rosebud and dripping pussy beautifully. I step forward and my cock just slips straight in. It's a great fit! She can take more girth as her husband has a brute of a cock, and she cannot take him from behind without serious pain.

I digress, conscious of the thin walls, I fucked my lover's cunt firmly but almost noiselessly. Only the sound of her dripping pussy gave it away until in due course I filled her with another load of cream.

Single railway beds don't promote great sleep so we regretfully slept in the bunks provided until as per usual I nudged Milenka awake to come and take care of my swollen cock.

Thus it was that with the blinds up, the sun well risen we fucked standing up, Milenka leaning on the arm-rest, us looking out the window as the Czech countryside rolled by. Standing, fucking from behind, one knee each up on the seat, we got a lovely rhythm going, the train's metronomic beat leading us.

Until ....

... we appeared to be slowing, and at least 30 minutes too early by our reckoning.

Our "express service" was not quite so express.
Thus it was that our train very slowly rolled down the length of the platforms at this anonymous station outside Prague. We continued our gentle fuck, Milenka's hot pussy rather too hot and wet to want to withdraw from. The train came to that gentle clanking stop that trains do with us looking out over another line and its adjacent platform, complete with a gentleman sitting on a bench, reading his broadsheet newspaper.

Naked, not more than ten metres away, we kept fucking.

An interminable time seemed to pass, with us both prepared to duck or hide if someone walked past. But they didn't, and just as the train jerked into motion the newspaper reader turned the pages and over the top of his newspaper our movement caught his eye.

We kept fucking, and waved goodbye. The look on his face, well, as that credit card advert says, "priceless".

Not long later we heard the sound of the guard knocking on cabins down the carriage and we brought a long gentle fuck to an end and made ourselves presentable.
Euro hotwife

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