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I only have been in high school for three months and I already about that
almost every guy had tried to go out with this person named Sam over a
hundred times and that was just my first day. Now just let me say this I
don't go to an all boys school. In fact I think there are more girls than
boys at my school. Anyways I did thought Sam was a boy and there happened
to be a lot of gay boys at the school. That's when I ran into Sam and it
was a girl. I know I know Sam is a unisex name. So now I have seen why a
lot of guys try to date her. Saying she is hot is beyond a understatement.
Maybe she had very high standards I originally thought then after a while
maybe she is just into girls. However I head some guy talk about her
saying that she wanted something that he did not want to do and that's all
he could say. I don't know what that would be but I do think Sam is very
hot but I don't think I stand a chance with her. However that had all
changed when she offered me an opportunity to be her boyfriend. I did not
understand why she would be into a guy like me. Lets face it she is one of
the hottest and poplar girls at this school. Then there's me. I'm not the
best looking guy. I know I'm not poplar and I'm just well normal
looking. Top it off I'm a freshmen where she is a junior. I soon found out
why she wanted to give me a chance and its because I'm a good person and
did not try to ask her out. Yet school only started a month ago. She told
me after school tomorrow to go to her place and she gave me her info and
left. I could not speak all I did was nod. I had no clue if this was some
kind of prank on the freshmen or what, but I had to least find out.

It was soon the next day and the whole time in my classes I was wondering
what will happen once I'm there. Sam did live close to the school that you
could walk to it in less than five minutes. At lunch time she saw me and
just smiled and waved at me. My heart started to race as she passed by as i
smiled and waved back. I was wondering what was it that she was hard to
get? The guys at the table did not bother saying anything to me. As the
clock ticked away it was getting closer and closer when school would be
over but it felt like it was going slower. As school was almost over with
two minutes to go before the bell rang it felt every boy had their eyes on
me even after the bell ranged. As I grabbed my stuff and went down the
hall. I got ready to go to Sam's house and I just waited for someone to pop
out and say "got ya" and start to laugh in my face, but it didn't happen.

I was at Sam's house and I took a breath before knocking. I waited for just
a few seconds before the door opened. There she was more hot then ever if
that was even possible. All she had on was a robe. I could tell where this
was going. Once the door was shut behind me she spoke.

"This could all be yours if you this one thing."

She then dropped the robe reviling her naked body. I soon was hard and she
just smiled at me.

"Follow me."

I did not need to be told twice. I followed her to a door that led to the
basement. As I was getting closer to the bottom I saw a naked boy on a
bed. He did look to be eleven if not little younger. I looked at Sam

"I want you to fuck my brother in order to date me. If you decided not to
then that's alright but you will never get another chance again. If you
tell anyone about this regardless what happens we will curse you. And we
will know if you did. To prove I'm not lying. Zeop gloten trat."

A ball of fire came out of nowhere. I was indeed afraid. She soon started
went up the stairs.

"I will let the two of you alone."

The door soon closed and I just looked at the naked boy as he looked at
me. I had no clue what to do but walk closer to him. I looked him over and
he did not say anything to me. I had no clue if this was some kind of trick
or not but I could not explain the fire ball coming out of nowhere. I was
soon questioning myself. I love looking at girls but I always wanted to try
something with a boy. Now here's my chance. My shaky hand went for his soft
dick and balls. Once I touched them I started to fell them all over. I
kept on doing it after he was hard. Some point I wanted to know how a dick
tasted like. I slowly stuck out my tong and liked his dick and balls. It
did not have any real taste so I continued but this time I started sucking
him slowly at first but I then went faster. The boy ended up moaning until
his body shook. I soon ended up stop sucking him and he got on his knees
and started to pull down my pants along with my boxers. He soon started to
suck me. My first ever blow job felt so good I could not help but to
moan. The boy soon stopped sucking me and turned himself around pointing
his ass towards me. I got the hint and I got on the bed and slid my dick in
his ass. I went slow at first as I never had sex before and not knowing if
he ever had a dick up his ass. He soon moved backwards causing me to be on
my back where he was at that point riding my dick and started to fuck us
both faster and faster. We both moaned and he managed to turn himself
around so he was facing me. He soon leaned in and I don't know why but we
started kissing and I ended up liking it. After a while of fucking the boy
I ended up cuming in his ass. I left my dick in him for a while as we made
out again. Then something happened that I don't know why I did it. Maybe
because I wanted to. I got the boy on his back and started to suck his dick
before I took it and put it in my ass. I let the boy fuck me anyway he
wanted and it felt good. His body soon shook and the next thing I knew I
woke up in the bed with the naked boy with Sam looking at us. The next day
we became boyfriend and girlfriend with her little brother. Sam and I had
sex when I'm not having sex with her brother, but soon I ended having sex
with her brother more and more. Then one day when it was just me and him I
found out something big that changed. He spoke.

"There is no real Sam. Sam is been in everyone's heads. It was me the
whole time."

"I thought..."

"I was just this eleven year old?"

I nodded my head.

"Well in some ways I am. I'm trapped in this body forever. I been cursed to
go throw life as a eleven year old by my ex-lover who happens to be older
than me by four years. We were both wizards in training. well he had more
of it then I did. one day he felt that darker power is better and I
disagree. So he got pissed and cursed me to stay the age that I was at the
time. He shortly died after he cursed me when a spell backed fired on
him. To that day I have been trying to have sex with boys on hoping one of
them could break the curse."

I don't know why I said what I said next.

"I will be with you until you brake the curse and even then I will stick by

The boy smiled and we soon had sex.

Years later when I was in my 80's the curse was broken and his age
changed. He now looks older then me. We smiled at each other and knew what
we wanted to do. He changed us to the ages when we first meet he even
taught me how to do spells.
Bisexual Sam story

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