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I want to see my wife hypnotized and WANT BADLY to have her transformed – to spice up our sexual activities! So much so, that I would absolutely love a fantasy such as this, to actually happen!

One night, I discuss with my wife, “A” who is in her mid 40s, 5’11” tall, blonde hair and blue eyes, natural 42D, a few extra pounds (who doesn’t have that?) ….about our “long term goals”….(something to get her interested)..and “how we need to meet with this couple, just a few minutes at our house”…to discuss them openly. (My wife just doesn’t warm up to strangers nor participates much in discussions).

Well, with my prodding, she reluctantly accepts and the couple arrive – a younger couple, say mid 30s but a lot like us – clean cut and easy going. Easy to talk too! What she doesn’t know is that one of them is a skilled and master hypnotist – very well learned at the art of conversation hypnosis and conversation hypnosis – how to get a woman to drop ALL her inhibitions and DUMP all her hang ups and be TOTALLY open minded and kinky!!!

The hypnotist immediately starts the conversation, along the lines that they and I discussed earlier but eventually turns to the hypnosis phase and I watch as my wife turns more and more aroused by the conversation. Suddenly, the full force hypnosis routine and before too long, my wife is completely under….and the fun is about to start!

Being totally open minded myself, I want to experiment and use these wonderful folks to help me fulfill fantasies. First, I get to see my wife hypnotized and see for myself that she really IS under someone else’s control – totally! The hypnotist assures “A” that EVERYTHING is her wishes and no matter what, it is “A” and I making love to each other…That’s all she can remember eventually- that her and me made love (as if the hypnotist couple wasn’t there!)

We “start” the fun activities by having my wife be able to open her eyes and appear naturally but in fact, be UNDER deep hypnosis/control. She removes all her clothes and is quite comfy naked – in everyone’s view. She is helped to sit and A and the other female deeply french kiss each other. Then, the other man and my wife deeply french kiss each other. The other couple strips as do I and we depart for the bedroom….

I lay down on the bed on my back and my wife is helped onto the bed and ordered to sit on my face. She is helped into position and I start to eat her pussy. The female takes the vibrator and commences to massage my wife’s clit as she sits on my face – A is ordered to whisper when she has to cum and to take the orgasm…let herself go and don’t hold back when she comes! Between my pussy eating and the clit vibrations, she experiences the first of several mind blowing orgasms of the night!

When she is good and wet, I motion for the 2 of them to stack up the pillows on my waist, and ease A up so she is on her knees and hands, on top of me…My head is propped up so that me face is extremely close to her pussy and now I have the vibrator… The female starts to deeply french kiss my wife as I commence to vibrate her pussy some more.. The other man at this time gets on the bed in front of my wife and slides his dick into my wife’s mouth (pictures and/or video is being taken/made for my own personal, private viewing later). My wife sucks this stud’s cock (something she has seldom done in our marriage but, along with a lot of things, will start to happen quite frequently going forward!) for a while. Then, when he is good and stiff, he moves to her rear (where I can watch!) and I hold my wife’s cunt open so he can slide his big cock into my wife’s wet cunt….while the female resumes deeply french kissing my still hypnotized wife! I can lay there and watch as my wife gets stuffed FULL …while I vibrate my wife’s clit and she gets deeply french kissed…. I want to watch as the stud erupts deep inside MY wife’s pussy and as she takes all his cum deep inside her!!

It’s ONLY FAIR to show my gratitude to the wonderful couple for helping me out, that at this point, the stud leaves my wife’s wet pussy and I get to see into her pussy – as his cum (not mine) is all over and oozing out. Both of them help my wife up to sit on my face and, since it’s the ONLY FAIR THING TO DO; I eat this stud’s come from my wife’s pussy – cleaning ALL the creampie out! The stud slides his wet cock into my wife’s mouth for her to clean up while she sits on my face so I can clean her up…. and the woman??? She is vibrating my wife’s clit to yet another orgasm!!!

Eventually, everyone is cleaned up and my wife is helped off my face and is ordered to bend down and deeply french kiss me!!! I am helped up off the bed and my wife is laid on her back, with her ass jacked up with some pillows. I lube my huge throbbing cock up with KY Jelly and the other woman sits down and straddles my wife’s face and orders my wife to relax and eat out her pussy – which my hypnotized wife seemingly does automatically. My wife is also told to relax and let her man (ME) ease into her ass and butt-fuck her! (and it’s been about 16 years or so since she was last butt fucked and ease I do – excitedly!!!) the stud uses the vibrator on his wife’s clit and I butt fuck my wife and watch my wife eat pussy for the very first time… I cum in my wife’s tight asshole and climb off to recover and watch as the young woman riding my wife’s face has an orgasm!! The woman climbs off my wife’s face and bends down to deeply french kiss my wife!

After we are all cleaned up, again reemphasized to my still hypnotized wife that the ONLY man to make love to her was ME – no one else and that going forward, she should experience everything – sucking cock frequently to multiple orgasms to getting butt fucked (YES!!!!) and that the young couple should return (several times in MY opinion!) to “help A and me out!!!”)

Afterwards. my wife and I BOTH are placed on our hands and knees, beside each other, and take turns sucking the stud’s cock – ensuring it is big and stiff again….and after we both enjoy this (first time for me!), I lay down again on my back and my wife is placed over me on her hands and knees and I watch as this stud fucks my wife again!!!

We leave her to sleep in the bed, with instructions that the ONLY thing she remembers in the morning is that her man (me) is the MOST INCREDIBLE LOVER on the planet and to engage in sexual activities often (anything goes, including me fucking her in the ass!) and, invite these wonderful folks back several times….

I walk the young couple to the living room, watch them get dressed and help them outside to their vehicle…. They are definitely “coming back” often!!!!
Erotic Hypnosis

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