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I am a member of a web site for gay sex dating call Gaydar and I have met one or to men from there being married and my wife not knowing that I am Bi-Sexual I have to make sure that who ever I get to meet can accommodate I have met men that just want to talk and wank, others are just bottom and others that are just top, I like both taking and receiving anal sex so I can meet with any of them.

I was looking thou the members in my area when I notice one that was close by and he was into bondage and I have always said that I would never say I did not like something unless I have tried it first.

I sent a message to this member saying that I would love to come and meet him but told him I had never done anything like this before and I was just wanting to see if it was for me, two days later I got a reply saying that yes he would meet with me and try a few things on me to see if I liked it,

So we arranged a date and of I went to see him, he asked if I had ever been tied up even for straight forward sex, no I replied never ok he said but if you want me to try things to see if you like them you must do every thing I ask you to, Ok I said fine by me.

Ok he said strip of here and now so that it what I done I was now standing there naked and he said follow me, we walked from the lounge and went down some stairs into a down stairs room when he opened the door there hanging on the walls and on shelves were a range of item, straps, belts,gags, rope, all sorts of things.

Ok he said come over and stand in the middle of the room and put your hands out in front of you clasped together as I did this he tied my wrists together and then put the rope thou a metal ring that was fix to the ceiling above me and pulled the rope until me arms were in the air above my head, then he told me to stand with my legs apart, I did what I was told and he tied my legs to metal steaks that were bolted to the floor.

I had a semi hard on by now and the man walked round behind me and put his hands over my head and placed a rubber ball gag into my mouth and tied it tight I was now really helpless then he came round to the front of me and sucked my cock until it was hard, I had to breathe thou my nose and I was sucking in air hard and fast as he licked my cock up and down.

He took hold of one of my balls and pulled it down and then tied some nylon cord round trapping my ball in the sack he tied it tight and I was in some pain but in was not UN-pleasant then while still sucking and licking my cock he pulled the other ball down in it's bag and tied that one in it's sack even thou the pain was getting worse I still kept my hard on and it had no signs of going down.

Once he had tied my ball into there own ball sacks he then pulled them up and stretched them and tied them so they were now above my rock hard cock, I was now really breathing hard thou my nose and it was hard to get enough air but I had asked for this so I had to put up with it, but at this point even thou the pain was bad I was enjoying it to.

Once he had tied my balls up over my cock he tied another piece of cord around the base on my cock now my cock could not go limp if I wanted it to as he had now trapped all the blood inside it, he stood and looked at me and said just nod if you ok which I did.

Then he hook on weights on to the cord which he had placed around my balls pulling them down which was then pulling on my cock this doubled the pain which was now running up thou my body from my groin once that was done he took one of my nipples into his mouth and sucked it and pulled his head back stretching it he then tied some thin cord around the base so it could not retract once he let it go, he that don the same with the other one.

As my nipples were now sticking out he placed on some nipple clamps and then placed weights on the ends of them, this was really agony as the weights pulled on my tender nipples he started adding weights to these and the ones on my balls once this was done he knelt down and started to suck my cock once more I nearly past out with the feelings of pain and of pleasure at the same time it is very hard to put into words what I was feeling at this point but I must say that it was great and bad at the same time, still being only to breathe though my nose was hard as I wanted to take real deep breaths but could not this was making light headed just by it's self with out the pain in the mix.

He then went round being me and I felt something cold on my ass hole and two or it could have been three fingers pushed inside me making my body shake and he started to finger fuck my hole getting harder and faster then just puled them out and the next thing I knew a butt plug was pushed in I have no idea how big it was but it sure stretched my hole giving my even more pain even with the lube.

But that was just that as I found out the butt plug was an inflatable one he started to pump it up stretching my ass even further, god know how big he pumped it but it felt like a a horse had just shoved his great big cock inside me, I was now in so much pain but I still could not believe that I was still enjoying it so much.

With the butt plug now pumped up, my balls and cock tied up and weights hanging of them and the same with my nipples he started to stroke my cock with a leather whip running it up and down the length of it that felt so good then with out warning he hit my cock with the whip turning pleasure into pain with in seconds and then started to stroke it once again and after the beating he had just giving my cock the feel him stroke it gently again this went on for some time stroking it then whipping it with each whipping my cock was getting more and more tender but then the stroking was becoming more and more intents and now my whole body was shaking.

Once again he knelt in front of me and kissed the swollen head of my now very tender head, I felt like I wanted to cum but with my cock tied at the base I could not shoot any cum, he pulled my foreskin back over the head of my cock and clamped it shut with a G clamp doing it tight this did make my eyes water the pain running up my tender cock was so painful.

He placed a weight on the G clamp which pulled my cock down and strained it against my tied up balls, then what he had been doing to my cock he started to do it on my backside, rubbing then whipping my cheeks making them red and tender to the touch, after a while he remover the butt plug and replaced it with a vibrator which he strapped into place it was a bend vibrator so the tip was touching my prostrate and when he switched it on I am sure I passed out for a few seconds with the pleasure when I came round I had black spots floating before my eyes and I felt very light headed with the pleasure I was getting from the pain as well as the pleasure.

He stroked my cock again with the whip and my cock twitched even when the weights and it felt like I had just had a orgasm but because of the restriction of my balls and cock I could not shoot anything out, it felt as if my balls were going to explode as my body pumped my cum and it having no where to go.

He went away and left me tied there what seamed like hours but must have only been minutes, when he came back he had another naked man with him and he came over to me and started to run his hands lightly all over my body pulling on the weights every so often making pain shot thou me and taking over from the pleasure I was getting from his gently touching hands, this second man stood behind me and put his arms round me and pulled on my nipple weights and my body shock with the pain and pleasure, he dropped to his knees and undone the strap and removed the vibrator and lick over my now big open ass hole pushing his tongue inside me once again my body pumped cum but still have nowhere to pump it, my balls felt that they got bigger as my cum got pump nowhere.

The man now behind me stood up and I felt his big cock come up between my legs and it found the crack of my ass and he ran it up and down over my hole and then pushed it inside my and my god it felt about 10" long as his body hit into mine, he was fully inside me and the first man tied us together round the waist so now the man with his cock deep in my ass could not move either.

The first man then got what looked like a cattle prod and touched the man behind me somewhere on his body and electricity ran thou his body up thou his cock and flowed into me the man screamed into me ear OH fuck Yes that's good.

Every so often we were getting a jolt from this zapper and our bodies were shaking each time and the shock I was getting deep inside me from the end of his cock was well WOW fucking WOW what more can I say it would not be long before he was going to shoot his cum by the way I could feel his cock swelling up inside me.

He was untied from me and he started to fuck me hard with his long fat cock he rammed harder and harder and every so often we still got a zap from the prod and each time he got zapped it make his body jerk forward and thrust him into me even harder and the jolt then ran thou me and my body was ready to cum again and god knows where my cum was going but once again my body pumped and my balls hurt even more and I was sure that if I came once more my balls would just split open and my cum would explode everywhere.

On and on this man fucked my ass filling me every time he thrust forward, then came a bigger zap of electricity and this took the man over the edge and he exploded inside me I could feel his cum shooting from the end of his cock time and time again his cock pumped and then one last zap and it felt like it made his cum boil inside me, as my body shock with this last jolt and his cum hot up inside my ass I am sure I past out again as when I came round the man that had fucked me had gone.

The man took the clamp of my foreskin and the pain was even more intents than having it on there Wow this pain was so sexy and the feelings were wonderful, he started to suck my cock again and as he done this he undone one ball and let it fall back down under my cock then the other one and my god it felt so bloody good, the feeling of the pain and the pleasure but I still could not get rid of the cum that had built up inside me due to the cord still around the base of my cock.

On and on he sucked my cock and then just as my body started to shake one more time and getting ready to shoot what cum I had left he undone the cord and as he did this shear pain rushed thou my shaking body and I exploded like I have never felt before, the pleasure was so imminence and I shot my load after load of cum from my tender cock into his waiting mouth, it felt like I was shooting over a pint of cum he was swallowing for all he was worth drinking my cum down as fast as I was pumping it out, I thou I was never got to stop cumming, when I did he licked my cock clean of all it's cum and then took out my gag and I gasped for air.

Well mate he said how was that Oh fucking hell that was out of this world how have I not done this before I said, he stood in front of me and kissed me on the mouth as he undone one nipple clamp and then the other the pain shot thou me again and he bent down and flicked the ends of my nipple with his tongue and then as he took the cord from around my nipples and blood flowed back into them and my god the feeling was like pins and needles but a 100 times worse and then he flicked then with his tongue again and my whole body shook again.

He untied me and my legs were so week I clasped onto the floor and felt so worn out and so week I just lay there for a while then I managed to get up and he asked if I would be back, too bloody right I said if you'll let me, no problem he said you took more on your first time that anyone I have had for the first time before, you want until next time he said, can it get anymore intents I ask, Oh yes he said a lot.
Bisexual story

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